Thursday, November 21, 2019

Oct. 13, 2019 at sea

I awoke early; well, early for me. The people in the cabin next door talk long and loud. I havent seen them and i've noticed they have the "snoozing" sign on their doorknob just about all the time.
I went to the buffet for breakfast but couldn't find the muesli promised. I asked a couple of chefs, one of whom he didn't know what it was but the other one did and he told me where i'd find it so i headed there real fast in hungry anticipation. I looked and looked but i was looking for the huge bowl that it's been kept in the past and i didn't see any big huge bowls at all. However, i did notice several tiny jelly sized bowls with a couple tablespoonsful of something all nestled on a tray that looked interesting and somewhat familar. Most dishes are labled with their name but this one wasn't. When i asked the girl attending what it was i was surprised when she said muesli. It had cranberries, strawberries,and shredded coconut in it so it looked quite different but mostly it was the size that just seemed wayyyy off and wrong. But i was interested and it was a big deal for me so i took 2 bowls of it.  Wish i would have taken four or more because it was so good. This muesli was really special with pumpkin seeds, all sorts of fruit and nuts and seeds and topped off with a sprig of mint. Now that mint was a genius addition and it made it extra special because it was the perfect addition which i had never even considered adding when i make it at home. I have never seen it looking like that with the strawberries, cranberries and mint and more and i will say it for sure was the best muesli i've ever eaten but i wish it was in the huge bowl of the past because i felt self concious in taking more than one bowl.  But then again i'll have it tomorrow and the next day and the next..... until i am home! Tomorrow i wont be shy, i'll take a few and go back for more before i dig into the various melons that i love to eat for breakfast too.

I saw the friendly chef from last night who's name is something like Sumaniedonieterain or whatever (maybe i'm exaggerating) and he came over so i graciously thanked for his wonderful muesli and he seemed truly extemely pleased. I don't think many people think to compliment a buffet chef and i'm probably one of them but in this case he needed to know how greatful i was for his very special muesli that i had eaten and thouroughly enjoyed.
The next time i see him i'll ask if he has a nickname because i'm not even going to attempt to pronounce his very long name.

I wandered around the ship for awhile with nothing particular in mind to do or a place to be at a specific time. I quite enjoy days like that. I stopped at a general knowledge trivia game in progress and it seemed especially hard so i carried on to the front desk to ask for a tiny bit of scotch tape which was given happily and so my name and number is now safely on my camera.   My route then went through the casino where i wasted a few bucks before going into the showroom to watch a movie about life under the sea. Then to the general store to buy hairspray. I had planned to join the ladies of the knitting/crochet group but hadn't brought my project so that didn't happen and then it was lunchtime. What a life!

But first a phone call to my husband because i had figured out that it would be just about his bedtime so i went back to my cabin and called him at home.  It took a few rings before he answered and i figured he was snoozing but he said no, he was resting with his leg elevated after just returning home from the emergency room. A few weeks ago he had an itchy spot on his leg which he scratched so much it started oozing a clear liquid. At first i was relieved because it wasn't blood but when it didn't heal in a weeks time he went to the Dr. who said it was fine and to just keep it covered which he did. Well, since i've been gone he said it got worse and he felt that he should go to the ER and i'm so glad he did because it was infected. He had just arrived home and was following the Drs. instructions to keep it covered and elevated.
I carried on my day after lunch with more wandering around checking out this rather awesome and elegantly beautiful ship before ending up in the Lido visiting with a couple from Darwin, Australia. Turns out i sort of knew the woman whose name was Leeanne because she had been a regular on the facebook group for this cruise. It was nice to meet and chat with someone met online and then we all went to  watch a hilarious couples show in the showroom. On my way back i stopped at the coffee shop and got a nice white chocolate and caramel frappe to take back to my room. The barista asked if i wanted a chocolate straw and i hadn't even know it was invented yet so i said yes. Turns out it was only good for a few minutes and then it started to get soft and fuzzy. I didn't like that at all and the fuzzies gave me the creeps but then there's no plastic straws on this ship so what can one do? Well, in anticipation of this because i had the same scenerio on my last cruise with no straws i had brought some of my own.

After my dinner of a delicious sweet and sour fish of some sort, potato salad, artichioke hearts and mushy peas i met Vivian to attend a lecture of a famous artist which was pretty awesome to learn but already i've forgotten who it was about!  Tonight i might go to the movie under the stars or maybe not and just chill out with music and playing my Ipad game in my warm and cozy little cabin. I am really enjoying relaxing and doing my own thing on this cruise.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Oct. 12, 2019 Postcard exchange and lost camera day

I was up early enough to get all my cards delivered before lunch. So much for all my worrying about not being able to do it! It was a bit too much walking with some backtracking because i mostly used the midship elevators doing half and then the other half of each deck. And then to a different deck and do it all over again. If i were smart i might have done the addresse's that were in the aft on every deck and then do the same with the forward addresses. But i was thinking how difficult that would be to sort them that way and maybe the solution could have been to do the odd numbered side and then the even numbers. Probably no way is easy. It was quite tiring and kind of stressful too because my back, knees and feet get tired and start burning like hell so i was sitting on the stairs of every deck more than a few times.

After a little break i was ready to carry on and i was miles away down the hallway when i realized i no longer had my camera in my back pocket. I knew if it had fallen out i would have heard it hit the floor so it must be on one of the stairwells. I beat it on back to the last place and nope, no camera was there. It wasn't that the camera was of much value except that it held all of my cruise pics so far so in that way it was very valuable to me. I knew it must have slipped out of my pocket when i sat on the stairs or maybe i had taken it out and set it on the stair when i was resting, got up without thinking of it and carried on with my deliveries. That's when i thought the worst and that somebody might have broken their neck if they had stepped on it or tripped over it. OMG. That's when i got really stressed about it but i carried on and finished delivering every last card before going to the front desk to see if it had been turned in. Nope, no camera had been turned in. I thought i better give it awhile and so i went to lunch.

I met my friend Vivian in the buffet just getting her food so once we were ready we got a table and had a little visit while we ate. A lady then asked if she could join us and we said sure she could. Her name was Won Moore, originally from Korea and now from Texas and she laughingly pointed out that her name was pronounced like One More. She was a retired nurse who now goes on lots of cruises. It was a nice distraction and i could relax a little during our visit.

After lunch i went to my cabin and there on the door was a note saying "if this is your cabin call Jackie in cabin number 1234; i think i might have something you lost"

OMG again, i was sooooo relieved as i knew it was my camera she was talking about but how on earth had she figured out who lost it?

I called her room and she asked me a few questions and then said, yes, i found your camera. I beat it on up to deck 7 and knocked on her door and Jackie invited me in. She told me that she had lost her camera on a cruise once and when she phoned front desk they said that yes, a camera had been found and turned in so she had gone immediately to claim it. Unfortunately while they had kept a record of it they now couldn't find the camera! They never did find it either! God only knows who took it.

So, it was for this reason that Jackie did her own sleuthing to find the owner of the camera she had found. She very cleverly went through all my pics looking for clues and in one picture that i took the day i boarded the ship she found the owner. Unbeknownst to me the pic i took as i entered my cabin for the first time gave up all my info. In the picture which i meant to be just my first look at my room was the case of water that i had ordered and it was sitting atop of the dresser.  Jackie enlarged the picture enough to be able to zoom in above it and read my name and cabin number that was on that little receipt on top of the water!  I didn't even know that my camera had the ability to do that!  She then came down to my room and i wasn't home so she talked to my cabin steward and showed him a pic she had found on it and he confirmed that was me in the one and only pic i've allowed to be taken of me in years and had unintentionally forgotten that was left on my camera.
That picture had been taken of me when i went to the Pixels store onboard because there had been numbers showing on my screen that i didn't recognise as i hadn't used that camera in a long time. I had been concerned that i may have accidently changed some setting when putting it in or taking it out of my pocket and i wanted to make sure it wasn't on some weird setting or something. The guy who looked at it reset it to whatever was needed and snapped my pic to show me that it was now on the correct setting. I had planned on deleting that pic as soon as i went on my way but then totally forgot all about it. It also turned out that today i was wearing the same top as i had worn and had my pic taken on that day! Another little bit of proof that it was indeed me.

I am so relieved and grateful for this honest couple who gave me my camera back. I offered to take them for dinner at a pay restaurant to show my gratitude or some other reward but they refused my offers. So i said i'd pay it forward then whenever i could and they seemed to like that idea. A huge YAYYYYYY and vote of confidence to these awesome people Jackie and her husband from Newfoundland, Canada!

After a much needed nap i went to the Lido for my dinner. I've definitely become a buffet person on this cruise but then maybe i've always been one. I've been disappointed and unhappy with the dining room food and living the elegant but s....l....o....w...experience. It's sometimes cold in the dining  rooms as well. I've found the buffet is always ready and it has my kind of food and my kind of people so going to stick with it whenever i can.

Tonight i ate alone, didn't see anyone i knew and it was a little lonely. But then all of a sudden one of the chefs approached and a started a conversation with me. He introduced himself and i didn't quite catch it all as it was a very long name. It was also on a badge on his apron but i didn't get the pronounciation of it because it was about 12 letters long and most of them were vowels. But mostly he was doing the talking and i was eating and i didn't think i needed to know exactly what it was anyhow. He was from India and on a 8 month contract with Carnival as are most ship employees. He showed me a picture of his beautiful wife and two year old son who was adorable. He spoke english fairly well sometimes but other times not so much because he talked so fast but it was fun trying to figure it out and respond appropriately.

At one point i asked him why there was no muesli for breakfast amd i told him it was my favourite breakfast food. Well, he said, they only serve it in the dining rooms. I was surprised as it doesn't seem to me to be a dining room type of food and i've only gone for breakfast in a dining room once that i can remember and that was years ago. I remember ordering waffles and the ONE i was served was about one inch in size in the middle of a huge plate served with a caramel sauce along with a pot of strawberry jam. Ewwww. That's probably when i began to dislike ship dining rooms. Not saying i wont ever try one again and when i do it'll probably be for dinner but yeah, buffet is more people friendly. Anyhow, to make a long story short he says see that guy over there and i says yeah, and he says i am going to tell him to get some muesli in here pronto; you're going to be enjoying the best bowl of muesli tomorrow morning. Needless to say i hope i don't go and sleep in or something cuz i want and need that muesli pronto, lol.

So i got a bowl of ice cream from the machine and went and sat on the outside deck and watched the  Alladin movie under the stars for awhile. It was already in progress and i couldn't really pick up on the gist of it so i wandered off into the casino where i can understand things. I don't have a fav machine on this ship like i've always found on other cruiseships so just wandered around looking for something i might like and i started off on a two bit poker machine and once my $20. turned into $40. i cashed out and walked around looking for another that i might like and a penny machine was calling out to me so i invested $20. which turned into $60.  i cashed that out but still sat there for awhile and then decided it deserved another $20. and lo and behold that turned in to $80. so i cashed out and left it there high and dry. I then spotted another interesting looking thing so i put $20. down and got a few wins on it and left with a tidy $200. in my casino account. I felt like a deserved another ice cream so i got a nice big bowl of vanilla and took it to my room.

Once back in my cabin i remembered that i had wanted to go to the front desk to see if they'd give me a little piece of scotch tape so i could tape my name and cabin number on my camera in case i lose it again. Maybe getting a little paranoid about it but wth, it's really weird how when you're on a cruise you're unable to get certain common items like tape, pencils, ordinary writing paper, ruler, eraser. There's none of that in the ships stores although i'm sure they used to have stuff like that; especially paper and pen in the drawer but nope, not on this ship anyhow. I havent felt the need for any of these things until now and it's mostly because i keep seeing ideas for stencils everywhere i look; in the carpet patterns, curtains, wallpaper, clothing etc. I know i have to draw these ideas because i'll never remember them if i don't. Even at the Ala Moana mall yesterday i came up empty handed as i also did on the main drag of Lahaina the previous day. I'm really wishing now that i'd gone to Walmart instead of the places i did. But then again maybe they were there and i just didn't find them!

Monday, November 18, 2019

Oct. 11, 2019 Honolulu.

Maui write up for Oct.10th has been lost along with Oct. 9th.

I woke up at about 9a.m. feeling a little tired so just chilled playing my IPad game for awhile. I heard people talking in the next room for the first time last night. All along i had suspected that nobody was in there and i think i was correct and the new passengers had gotten onboard in Maui yesterday.  Interesting that the room couldn't have been used by someone just travelling from L.A. to Maui but maybe nobody turned up needing that exact route and time so the room was saved until we got to them which is nice to know such things happen.

Our cruise director Lee has been on the P.A. several times and it's quite muffled unless you jump up and crack the door to hear what he's saying cuz it's loud and clear in the hallways. Alternately you can turn on the tv and find the right channel to listen to it. I looked for it once but got sidetracked because there's lots of channels and then i couldn't find my way back to the music channel. I had to ask Anthony, my room steward for help. Complicated tv channels all under different categories.

I hadn't noticed that while i was playing my game some sort of vessel like a big iron floating thing had bellied right up to my window. It was weird how this big black chunk of iron just sort of appeared so suddenly and quietly with me sitting here on my bed thankfully clothed, lol! Maybe we're getting fuel or something from it. It shook me up a bit because my curtains were open and men were walking by so close and their floor was on my same level. I took a pic or two and closed my curtains and now there's a pungent odour in here and it's giving me a headache. I didn't know if it was from that vessel out there or what.

Lee just made another announcement and this one i could hear clearly which means it's important. It was a call for the crew members to drop everything and attend a disaster briefing. He said passengers were welcome to attend and if i were dressed i might have gone and checked it out. I like learning things about how a ship is run.

I hopped in the shower and in my haste dropped the shower nozzle and it broke completely off. I tried to fix it but nope, not fixable; it's going to have to be replaced.

Went to the Lido for breakfast and it was almost empty where i entered and i thought i was the last one up but no, there were lots of people eating, reading, visiting or just chilling until we're docked. After my brekkie of french toast, yogurt and mango juice i headed on down to debark. I wasn't sure where i was going to go but thinking any mall or shopping area would be good, maybe go to the International Marketplace to see what it looks like now-a-days. I loved the old one with it's sort of basement feeling with uneven cement floors and dusty dark corners but i bet it's all clean and bright and spic and span shiny new now. One place in there that i always enjoyed was going up the rickity stairs that wound around a big tree to the Elvis room where his music was played nonstop all day. Everything Elvis was available, records, pictures, clothes, hats, souveniers, jewellry, you name it if it was Elvis it was there. I know i used to buy some of those things but right now don't even remember what or where they are now.We were big enough fans we could stay up there all day. I hope it's still in operation.

I hadn't taken any excursions for either Honolulu or Maui because i've already seen it all many times. So, once off the ship and outside i found sellers of tours,taxi's, bus trips etc. The one that i chose was the Maui Divers Jewellry Design Center mainly because it was a free ride to go take a look at their black pearl jewellry and then i could play it by ear what to do or see next once i was in beautiful Waikiki Beach. The bus lady assured me that i'd be very close to the International Marketplace which as it turned out i did not see anywhere enroute either coming or going. After the sales pitch at their factory i boarded their bus to go to the Ala Moana shopping center. It's a huge mall on many levels and so i carefully took pics of from whence i came in order to find my way back to the bus stop.

First stop was the info booth to pick up the map of the mall and see the list of all the shops in there. There wasn't a thing listed under art supply but i did see Papyrus and it wasn't very far so i headed there. I know they have the most awesome cards anywhere and so thought maybe they'd have other artsy things too. Sure enough they did have some sheets of decorative paper but none were anything special that i'd want to buy. They did have a good supply of boxed cards and i bought a box along with a small journal.
Once again i missed going to Walmart where they'd probably have stencils or something for me but it was a long walk away. My time was already running out to get back to the bus for their last pickup of the day. I was tired by then and felt like i'd been run over by a big truck so hurried on my way out to the pickup place.  Turned out the bus was 15 mins late arriving so no rush had been needed. It was actually a relief to climb back onboard my beautiful ship and i bypassed lunch and went straight to my cabin and had a nap.

Later i got ready and went to the Lido for dinner. There wasn't many people in there at first but eventually lots started arriving back all frazzled and fried and everyone hits the Lido the minute they're back onboard. I forgot to bring my camera so can't show my dinner of tilapia, artichoke hearts and rice with tons of veggies. I then made up a plate of cakes and cookies and got a bowl of ice cream and hit the elevator for home.

Tomorrow is the day to deliver my 40+ postcards for the exchange. I've received quite a few already and considered delivering them over a period of two days and then decided nah, i like to do according to the rules even if it means doing it in small increments all day. We'll be on the ocean for six straight days so lots of time.

My porthole window was quite salty

Ala Moana shopping center

Having way too much trouble with pics being all mixed up,posts missing and more issues.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Oct. 8, 2019 Meeting interesting people

Tuesday, Oct 8, 2019  Meeting interesting people

I slept peacefully all night and woke up feeling refreshed which is rare for me cuz i usually wake up tired and headachy and miserable even after sleeping 8 or 10 hours. My cabin is very very quiet and i haven’t heard or seen my neighbours on either side. Maybe there’s no one there, i dunno, the ship was supposedly sold out so surely there’s someone in there. Before i left home i researched the cabins onboard by reading past passengers reviews. Most were positive so i just checked out the negative ones and while my cabin wasn’t mentioned a nearby one was and it didn’t sound good. They spoke of a grinding, hammering type of noise and while i heard nothing maybe the walls are sound proofed enough to hide it. Or maybe it’s a haunted room like the one on the Queen Mary which is a hotel now and we were docked beside her in LA. Apparently a ghost of a child will pull off your covers in the middle of the night and/or be seen standing at the foot of the bed. I know some of the passengers onboard Splendor with me had experienced things like no hot water on Mary and they spent a night or two on the ship before boarding this ship.  Whatever all i know is when i awaken in the mornings it’s so quiet i always think no ones up yet. Then when i get to the Lido there’s millions of people there or on their way to a dining room or whatever.
I breakfasted like a spoiled child today because i have no one to comment on it or to look all wide eyed and astonished at my choices. I ate several cakes, cinnamon buns, FroYo and lemonade. I met a lovely Chinese lady named Vivian who’s table i had sat at before and we had a nice visit and as we walked out we met her hubby coming in and so we had a little chat. Very nice man, he told me how to get to the place where i was going to attend an arts and crafts thing which was very valuable info because while i’ve walked by the room many times i hadn’t ever noticed it because there’s so many interesting things around and near it. The project for today was a door hanger, made with one of those plastic grid things. Everything was supplied along with instructions. Red, white and blue yarn, scissors and the needle and the threader thingy. There were quite a few people there, men too. I got the border finished on mine when time was up and will finish it in my room eventually and hang it on my door.

Soon it was lunchtime and i got some salads and iced tea and was looking for a table when i spotted my friend Annie with some of her friends so i went to see if i could join them. It was a table for 4 and Wendy was just leaving to get to a function so i was able to join them. I need to remember the names of Irene and Shasta so i can put one of my postcards in their mailboxes because i have lots of leftovers. 
I walked around a while and ended up playing a bit in the casino but it was so tight and i didn’t even really like the machine i had chosen so got out of there quite fast. On my way back i got ice cream and asked a guy alone at a table out on deck if i could sit with him there for a minute and he said yes. He and his wife are from Houston Texas and are on their 32nd anniversary trip. He told me that he and his wife had snagged tickets to do the chefs table tonight which includes a visit to the galley. It sounded pretty awesome but i know i’ll never attend because it’s super expensive and i’m not really into the gourmet things they’ll have like maybe raw oysters or something.
After wandering through the art gallery i entered the contest to name a certain piece of art. It was an abstract of a man with an umbrella and the upper half of the scene was muted coloured half circle thingies. The first thing that came to my mind is what i wrote down so i didn’t have to think anymore. I called it “Pipe dreams” and then realized that i was just an elevator ride away from my cabin so down i went and am now going to have a little nap. I never nap at home. This is the new me i guess.
Woke up a couple hours later and my room was actually a little too warm even for me. I got freshened up and changed my plan of eating dinner in the Lido to the Black Pearl restaurant. That’s the dining room where i didn’t really like their food very much but decided to give them another chance. So i went via the new route that i learned and found a one lady lineup. The door was closed and a sign said it would be open at 5:15 and according to my watch it was now 5:25. I stood there a couple minutes and then thought i’d open the door to the room to see what was going on and it opened and i see four waiters standing around chatting. I asked them if the restaurant was closed and they said no, it’s open but you have to go to the other end. I thought omg i thought i had figured this place out but nope, i was at the wrong entrance; it was actually an exit. Then one of them said you can just walk through the room to the front desk instead of going around so i did but the other lady who had been waiting had disappeared. So i get to the front desk where you have to show your ship card and i noticed the entrance lobby was packed full of people lined up waiting to get in. It was awkward but i bravely just cut in behind a couple who were next in line because there was no way in hell i was going to walk through them all to get in line behind them. Nobody noticed me, thank God cuz it could have been embarrassing. 

So i told the maĆ®tre ‘d that i was alone but would like to sit at a table where other solos or singles could join me. On my last cruise they had big round tables for 6 singles and solos. Well, maybe they didn’t have that here because he led me to a table for two. A few minutes later i hear a woman from about 6 or 8 tables away call out to me “are you eating alone?” So i said yes and she says well come and sit with me. It kind of took me by surprise but i said ok and then realized that i’d had my water poured and had drank some, the menu had been given to me and to move at this point might be rude or troublesome for the waiter or something because he’d have to remove the bread basket and silverware and water and i didn’t want him to get in trouble over it so i said to the woman i don’t think i should move at this point and she says oh, well I’ll move to your table then and over she comes. 
And so i met Linda, a Canuck who had been born in Labrador, Canada, the Province that my dad was born in and so i felt an immediate connection. Linda lived there until she was 8 years old and then her family moved to Colorado. She said she pretty much considers herself to be an American although her passport said Canadian, she was 58 yrs old and a recent widow. She was a fun lady, full of humour and i liked her right away. She had sailed on the Splendor before and in fact had done several cruises the last couple of years but after this one is over she has to return to work for a few years and doesn’t think she’ll be cruising again for awhile. I enjoyed her company as we dined and then she asked me if I wanted to go with her after dinner to the Dive In movie Bohemian Rhapsody at the Carnival Seaside Theater under the stars so i said sure. 
Suddenly there was some excitement; another ship was in sight! It’s funny how people can get so excited over seeing another ship. Turned out it was the Carnival Legend on her way back from Hawaii. Everyone rushed to the windows and took pictures including me. It seemed pretty cool to pass like two ships in the night but we weren’t close enough to wave or see anyone waving back. You’d think we had been lost at sea for weeks instead of on course for 4 days. 
By the time we got to the Dive In it was pretty much filled up and there were no more loungers to lay on and no more seats on the deck so we had to go upstairs and were lucky to find a couple chairs at the only table left. It wasn’t the best of seats and the railings around the deck were in our way but it was better than nothing. We got blankets in case we got cold, popcorn and water and the show began. It seemed tedious at first, there were subtitles on the screen that i don’t think were very good for anyone with a hearing problem because it only mentioned things like sighing, groaning, phone ringing, someone knocking at the door etc and i thought it was weird but maybe deaf people appreciated it even though they weren’t getting any other dialog. I like Queens music and seeing the show was nice but i didn’t really like the guy who played Freddie Mercury although i heard someone later say that he had won an Oscar award for his performance. Yeah, i cried at the end along with everyone else.
Linda had commented a couple times right from the beginning that she couldn’t follow what was going on in the movie and finally she decided to leave as she was tired and wanted to go to bed so we made plans for her to phone me in the morning and so we said good night.
After the movie was over i was going to drop in to the Lido for ice cream but then decided to just go home. As i approached my door i could see what looked like a lot of mail in my mailbox. Apparently a lot of people have forgotten the date of the postcard exchange and have started delivering them already. I know myself if i didn’t have it written down i would have screwed up on the date too. And here i thought i was the only passenger who didn’t have a phone or other internet connection to keep tabs on the group so i feel a little bit better about that. But I’m pretty sure i’m the only one onboard who still uses a pop up flash camera though instead of a phone.

 The art in my cabin. I wasn't crazy about it but it grew on me over time. The colours were amazing.

 Passing the Carnival Legend
 Not a great spot to watch the movie but it'll do
 Would have been better on a lounger

Friday, November 15, 2019

Oct. 7, 2019 Misinterpretations

Got up early and went for breakfast, no muesli again today. I had been hoping  it might be there but when i asked an employee he directed me to a stand that had a selection of dry cereals in dispensers. I don’t usually eat eggs so i just got some bacon, potato’s and other veggies. I don’t usually eat bread so topped it off with a lot of fruits. 
I returned to my cabin to get my yarn, pattern and hook and went off looking for the crocheting group. I was so surprised when i got there to see quite a large crowd of people, both men and women waiting for a class to begin on how to knit. I never would have thought it would interest so many people. It was a very large room and over in a corner i spotted the group of people who already knew the basics of both knitting and crocheting and they were busy doing their thing so i joined them with a question right off the bat re something in my pattern instructions that i didn’t understand. 

It’s been a long time since i crocheted and now there’s new and different abbreviations that i  didn't understand until the leader told me and then i realized that it should have been easy to clue in and figure it out. So i started my project only to find another thing i didn’t understand in the second row. The instructor showed me, and it was a new-to-me thing involving a stitch that was done from the back instead of the front and i just couldn’t get the hang of it, because my hand doesn’t want to twist that way. It felt like working upside down inside out and i was way too awkward and slow trying to do it.

So, that pattern and that yarn went back into the bag and i pulled out my project number 2, a different yarn and a bigger hook. The pattern said “easy” and technically it was but .......yeah, there’s always a but..... there were way too many distractions, questions asked and people wanting to chat while you hooked or knitted, people going by, or coming over to see what we were doing, announcements over the PA etc. Well, i have to count my stitches as i work and kept getting mixed up and side tracked and couldn’t concentrate on what i was doing. The lady beside me asked what other hobbies i do and when i said gelatin mono printing she had to know more and while i’m happy to tell people about it and how it’s done it pretty much ended my crocheting. The lady took notes of what i was explaining on Gelli printing so she could teach a class about it when she got home. I hung around for awhile and then took off. Maybe tomorrow the room will be quieter but then maybe not because most if not all the others there were willing and able to chat while they knit, stitched or sewed. The lady beside me didn’t even have to look at hers as she knitted. Thin tiny yarn too and she crocheted a mile a minute. Gotta admire these talented women!

I walked awhile and then sat down near the pool in the sun and when another woman asked to join me i said yes, of course. She was from Florida and this is her second cruise with the first being many years ago. She was surprised to see the pool was quite small and i’ve observed that too on different ships for awhile now. I imagine it’s because while the pool deck is always popular and alive with a multitude of people not many of them actually go into the pool; they’re more like sun worshippers. Also maybe the ship designers have decided to use the space saved for other attractions like more food stands, barbecues, tables with items to sell, entertainment etc.

Eventually it was lunchtime so i made my way into the Lido and loaded up my plate with a variety of salads, bacon that looked good but i couldn’t eat because it was way too crispy, potato’s and eventually cake and cookies and then my fix of ice cream too

A lady named Shirley from Las Vegas asked to sit with me and soon her friend Dee arrived too. They were very, very interesting women. Neither of them were going home after this cruise arrives in Singapore. They were staying a few days in Singapore and one was going to board a different ship and sail to Barcelona and beyond and the other was going to be doing the same thing but on a different ship eventually hitting the Canadian ports on the east coast and then disembarking in NY. 

We said goodbye but not before Dee taught me the secret of how to remember peoples names. She said to have the person say their name at least 7 times and then you’ll remember it. So we did that and sure enough they now remember my name and i remember theirs.
Now, the women from the Lido deck and the others from the knitting/crocheting group i do not remember any of their names so i’ll test out this 7 thing the first chance i get.

I was cold but i got more ice cream and went to my cabin which was all warm and cozy cuz cruising alone means i can crank the thermostat up as high as i want. I meant to have a nap but instead decided to address my 41 cards for the postcard exchange. Once that was done i thought i better put them in some sort of order because the participants are spread out all over the ship. We have a full day to deliver them but still, i’d rather have them organized according to their deck numbers which are 1 through 11.  That done i also tried to put them in order of number of location so i wouldn’t have to do any back tracking. Even with it organized i think it’s going to be a long day delivering them all as walking has become difficult for me and this big ship could do me in.

While i was addressing the postcards i discovered the tv has a music video channel and this was a first for me and guess what!?!! It’s my kind of music, Passenger, Ed Sheeran, James Blunt, Bruno Mars, Adele, James Bay, Harry Stiles, Ariana Grande, Calum Scott, Sam Smith etc. I am so happy that i turned it on and found this, something like YouTube but with no Gelli printing videos, just music videos. 

So, tonight is our first of 4 formal dinners and i don’t do formal so i will eat in the Lido, with my blue jeans on. Frankly, i like their food better than the little portions of delicacies that you get on formal nights, sitting there waiting in between each dish is just so not me, nor is getting all gussied up for portraits so i’ll just do my thing and the gowns and tux people can do theirs.

So i went out for dinner in the Lido and it was practically empty. Only half of it was in operation. I was amazed thinking that there must be thousands of people at the formal dinners tonight and there i was with just a few other rebels.  After dinner i made my way to go to the evening show and as i progressed i found pockets of people, lots of people not in formal wear in the various sitting and shopping spots and then into the casino because you have to walk through it to get to the showroom and there were tons of people playing there too. Into the showroom i went and though the show wasn’t to begin for 15 mins it was packed to the rafters and i was lucky to spot a single seat in a prime location. So, they all must have eaten earlier and i had interpreted it all wrong.  So, now i feel better; there's lots of people like me who arn't formal.

The show was all right, nothing to write home about, just ok. I meant to play in the casino on my way back out but the stink of smoke was just too gross to handle and i didn’t want the headache so i just kept on walking to the elevator. I couldn’t think of anywhere else to go but home to my beautiful warm, comfy fresh air cabin. 

Sooo, 3 days in now and i’m already feeling a little lonely. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea to cruise alone. i dunno. i like it in some ways, nobody here to complain about my snoring, i like being able to keep the heat on as high as i like, coming and going whenever and doing whatever  feel like doing without having to explain it to someone or saying what time that i’ll be somewhere else. However i could use another brain to help out with things like directions so i can quit getting lost and walking way too far on places like decks 3 and 4 with its dead ends, and then going to a different deck and doing the stairs which is the remedy but then walking the wrong direction, being lost a lot even to get back to places i’ve been to half a dozen times and there’s tons of places onboard that i haven’t even seen yet. I’m just not learning this ships idiocyncrisities at all and now why can’t i spell? Why do i keep going to deck 3 instead of any other deck? I know this answer! It’s because there’s some cool things to do on deck 3. You just have to learn how to get there by going to other decks first and then walking to the next raft of elevators before hitting the dam 3 button again!  Do i really think it’s suddenly going to become like a normal deck? Or is the secret on the opposite side of the ship. I get all mixed up real easy now a days. 
The funny thing about this is that i’ve had lots of help from passengers who i asked and they very confidently told me how to get to where i want to go and i believed them because they seemed so genuine. Then they’re gone in the elevator and i’m at another dead end and have to backtrack again. Once i did this and at the same spot that i arrived back at another person told me the exact same way to do it that i had just done and it was the wrong way. I think some people think they have the ship down pat and haven’t experienced these dead ends like i have because they’re going to totally different decks and places and maybe the next raft of elevators is ok for them. I really don’t think they’re deliberately tricking me. Or possibly their room is on the other side of the big empty block or on another deck and so they assumed that it goes straight through like it does on normal ships so they’re confident. Whatever, i’m starting to sort it out and i know the best answer for me would be to walk on my own deck to the next raft of elevators so that i’d be past the big empty block instead of getting on the elevators that are close to my room and then I’ll get to where i want to be. However, walking the long hallways on the cabin decks is really boring.