Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Beijing May 12, 2017 Panda bears and Confucious Temple

                                           Interesting architecture on the way to the zoo.

                      On my previous trips I saw baby pandas. These two were quite elderly

The holes in these rocks were formed by the ocean waves over a long period of time

                                            These big bowls were for water in case of fire.

                                I don't like the scent of incense so we were out of there quickly

                  The largest indoor buddah was in one of the buildings but no pics allowed
                                                     It stood as tall as the building
                                       Once in there I realized I had been here before.
                               This is a prayer wheel. You just keep spinning it as long as you dare
                                               Jack took his turn along with the little boy
                                         There were different wheels for different prayers. I had
                                    hoped to zoom in to read what one it was but it didn't work out

                                             He was making fresh orange juice for the kids

                        some of the shops looked interesting but Jack wouldn't let me go in

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