Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Took my brother home part 4

Auntie Bees church; kitty-corner across from where our elementary school was. I didn't see the stairs until just now when i expanded the pic. Access to the Townsite by foot used to be just a rugged old path.

By the road on the Townsite. So tame they didn't even look up when we drove up.

Our old swimming hole in Chapman Camp is still there!  But no longer in use.
No wonder, it must be an ancient old antique by now! We used to walk or ride our bikes down here to swim and it was soooo far; maybe a mile and a half. But soooo worth it.

This is the best pic i got of the North Star ski hill. My old church with the green roof
The bank is where the movie theatre used to be and i was there in the 3rd seat of the 3rd row every Saturday.
A hotel now sits where the train station used to be. And theres signal lights!
The Catholic Church hill. It used to be so steep! and the church was wayyyy taller!
oh ok. Still is.
Going to Summer Sub to see another house that Bob lived in.
Reds Service Station now has a different name but the same type of business.
My friends Marie and Gus lived in the house directly above.
Bobs old street full of happy memories of the fun ball games and street hockey.
Junior high school. New building and name but still McKim

Driving back to Cranbrook. This is St. Marys Bridge at Moyie.

views from the restaurant at St. Eugenes
watching the colours change due to the light and the clouds over the mountains
The Mission church
This guy and his horse grazing in the church yard
Kimberley cemetery


Anonymous said...

Did you get a sense that the town you grew up in was smaller than you remembered it? When I return to my childhood home, I feel that way.

Lorraina said...

Distances between things definitely are shorter than they used to be and the same houses and stores that we thought were big are real tiny now (but with big city prices)

Yet in other ways it seems huge now i think due to a younger more vibrant health concious population, tourism and being turned into a themed town with trendy boutiques and such.

The terrific skiing, golf courses and sub divisions of new homes and expensive vacation condos all over the place make it feel big city sophisticated.

So i'm sure anyone living there wouldn't know everyone else like we did in the old days even though the population is about the same.

Theres tons of more and better stuff for people to do now such as festivals of allsorts pretty much year round.

One of the things we were really impressed with was the Rails to Trails; an abandoned Canadian Pacific rail track that's been removed and paved over. It's a safe trail of over 25 kms. that runs between Kimberley and Cranbrook, serving the health concious people of both cities to run, walk, skate, bike, roller etc. We saw lots of people using it.

On the other hand like a small town theres no movie theatre but then maybe no need anymore.

The hospital and airport are still 20 miles away. In some ways i still see it as a small town still dependant on Cranbrook and Vancouver.
But thats just me. Don't tell anyone. ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the trip down memory lane..The stairs going up by the church to Townsite used to take a person to the McDougal Hall and swimming pool-bowling alley where my youngest brother Ron used to set "pins".I remember the Chapman camp pool too-We had a long way to walk too--All the way down the Mark Creek Trail(which is now kept up for a walking trail)Then we walked a- l- l the way down the big hill by your place to the Moose Hall (and back)for dances..Don't remember too many overweight children.. I always thought your place had the nicest view overlooking (your kingdom) ha ha

Lorraina said...

Thanks for the visit Joan, glad you took the trip down memory lane. Those steps up to McDougal Hall must be older than i thought then but they were new to me when i saw them; i just remember grade 6and having a crush on some kid and carrying his bike up that stupid steep dirt path for him. Say hi to Ron for me will ya, i used to bowl there at MH and swim and dances too but that was way before his time, at least i just remember Ron when he was like about 8 or 9 yrs old.