Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Took my brother home part 8

Near Revelstoke
The terrain is gradually smoothing out  now
Starting to look like Kamloops; dry, tumbleweeds, hot in summer, cold in winter
Doo Dads
Entering one of many parts of B.C. thats been plagued by wildfires and pine beetles.
This is the culprit; about the size of a grain of rice
and most damage is done by the larva introducing a fungus into the trees blocking the flow of water to the tree.
Red indicates how wide spread this bugger is, and the info i found is 4 yrs old. The pine beetles life span is a year and the damage dosn't show up until the following summer when the red foliage appears and by then the wood is blue and unusable for most purposes. Within 3 or 4 yrs the tree loses all its foliage and its life.
The only thing that stops it is high winds or -40ºC for a prolonged time.
Most of the wood is destroyed with a just small amount being useful as a novelty wood. The wood is a bluish colour.

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