Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Open letter to bottled salsa companies

You used to make an extra mild salsa that was delicious and truly mild with all the heat i could handle but now it seems the mildest one produced is called simply mild. What happened to the EXTRA MILD?  Am i the only wimp in town?
Unfortunately for me what you call mild is way too hot and i believe it’s actually medium or hot mis - labled. Is this possible? Has somebody messed with the recipe or the labels? Do you have a reliable taste tester?  Now, this is something i've never understood and maybe you don't know but......hot spicy food is eaten by people who live in hot climates while people who live in cooler areas like Canada are cold because it's fall now which feels alot like winter and you might think we'd like to eat spicy hot foods to help keep us warm, but no.......it isn't so.  For me to eat salsa i have to go to alot of extra effort; either full out from scratch or start with 1/6th or less of your mild jar then add alot of my own ingredients that consists of a variety of veggies and fruit all finely chopped......this helps to cut the heat and makes it last longer since it’s quadrupled in size, but really, i’d rather be able to buy ready made extra mild salsa that really is extra mild and not the trick word mild that really means hot!

Please taste test and check your recipe or do a survey and i know you'll find out theres way too many fiery hot peppers being put into your mild salsa when less than 1/4 of a tiny green jalapeno minus the seeds would do. Alternately the addition of alot more tomatoes, mango, peach or nectarines along with jicama and tomatillos and a little lime juice will do wonders for your product and people will buy so many bottles you'll become richer than you will selling salsa that's so hot people either dump it or choke down just a little bit and maybe, like me, swear off of buying it ever again! Like i'd suggest you bulk it up enough to make 6 jars out of every one. Now that is a sure way to make less waste on earth and guess what - you'll be the winner!



Snowbrush said...

I'm on the other end in that I can't buy any salsa or any sauce whatsoever in any store that's hot enough for me. Of course, I cut habaneros up and sprinkle them on my food, and I don't there are but a couple of peppers in the world that are hotter than habaneros. The also alleviate Raynaud's Disease, which is why I started eating them.

Lorraina said...

oh Snow, didn't know you had RD and didn't know hot peppers helped. My mom had RD but she was very very Swedish and don't think she ever even saw a hot pepper. RD is often found in people with PBC also along with other auto-immune diseases but i don't think anybody's ever revealed that info on our support group so thanks for that info!
Curious now wondering if you have Scandinavian roots?

Snowbrush said...

As far as I know, my roots are Native American, English, Irish, Scottish, and Dutch, but no one I know has looked into them much.

RD often afflicts people who do jarring work with their hands, and I worked for years as a carpenter.