Monday, June 25, 2012

And now, the famous shrug....

Crocheting is very conducive to thought. It's nice to crochet a while, put down the hook, paint for a while, take up the hook again then watch the Housewives shows, then work on THE SHRUG. This has been my life for a while now.
The pic that hooked me in to wanting this shrug

I got the free pattern and bought the stuff to make it

What the heck is this? It doesn't look like the pictures.......

I didn't know what was happening so just kept on hooking and this appeared

I made the next piece, still not sure if i was making it right

Then it said sew the two pieces together

Now.....where does my head go? Do i make another one for the front, or back and where are the sleeves?

My piece doesn't look anything like this diagram. Did i make it wrong? The construction notes says

1. The shrug is made in 2 pieces, an upper half and lower half. Each half consists of  half of each sleeve and a center section.

1. Center section of upper half forms the shoulders and collar. The center section of the lower half forms back and sides.

3. The upper and lower halves are seamed along long straight edges.  OK; i get this step but it still doesn't look right to me. Next it says

Side and sleeve are seamed and then cuffs are worked. Where are the side seams? I sort of get where the cuffs will be but how or where are the sleeves; how and where do i seam the side and sleeves and still be able to put it on?

4. The shorter straight edges of the upper and lower halves form the front opening.

Huh? My brain is hurting trying to get a grip on this. I need help, please!


A Plain Observer said...

you are not getting any from me.

I do (no, do not even consider that I have any talent) stuff like what you mentioned, watch this, write this, cook this, serve this, sit here, wash that. Normal people do that, don't they?

Lorraina said...

How would i know; i'm not normal either and there lies the problem. Guess to each her own; like i could never run in marathons like you do so i sit around trying to keep the fingers nimble and the mind quick, except it's obviously not working, lol!
Thanks for the visit and the comment Myriam

Anonymous said...

You have done well so far -I think you fold the cuffs in half and make a seam. then it might ask you to crochet a bit more around the "CUFF" to make it a bit longer.(Just make a seam on the cuff edge though) then sew a button on and you are finished.Try it on as shown and then you can make one for me ...ha ha

Lorraina said...

Thanks for your insight Joan, one of these days i'll get it out and see if i get it now after a few months absence from it. It really was hurting my brain; ok, still is because i think the problem is that the cuffs would be too skinny for my wrists to get through and the instructions don't say anything about adding more stitches in that direction; only lengthways and i am always scared to add on to any instructions and so instead i just stuff it away in a bag.