Saturday, June 9, 2012

Willy strikes and brings back memories

The $20. i'm tracking has arrived in Banff, Alberta from it's last known stop in Ontario without being seen in the last 4 months. I'm hoping it'll make it to B.C. again but one just never can know which way money will go.
The map of it's 6 hits shows me in the number 2 position so maybe it's on it's way west....wouldn't it be a hoot if it came into my hands again.

See how far and how fast it's been travelling here:

Banff, what a beautiful place. When my grandkids were young i took some of them on a road trip; destination the Royal Tyrell Dinosaur Museum in Drumheller, Alberta. Banff wasn't on the itinerary but once the oldest grandkid saw signs for it on the way he begged and pleaded to turn at the junction. It seemed a real biggie to him so i detoured a few hundred miles and went for it even though it was high tourist season and we didn't have hotel reservations there. We saw Mt. Rundle over Banff

I just put this pic because it's so pretty; our trip was actually in July

and we lucked out as we entered town and i noticed a hotel with the no vacancy sign suddenly change to vacancy....we were safe so moved in then set out to find whatever it was that was so important to him. Me; i wanted to show them the elk that walk about in the town but alas we found out they've been kicked out of town and now wander around the golf course so off to the golf course we went and saw several there. Meanwhile the 14 yr old was itching to go shopping and as i'm always up for shopping back to town we went. We shopped the entire town and he finally found what he was after. It turned out to be a blast from the past revived again....a ballpoint pen with pic of a clothed woman on it that when turned over became, lol! Would i have gone that way had i known i don't know but i'm glad we took an extra day and visited because on the way we saw Lake Louise

Two Jack Lake

Moraine Lake

Eventually made our way through the badlands of Alberta where dinosaurs once roamed 65 million yrs. ago and strange hoodoos and fossils abound

and the temperature inside the car became 45 degrees Celcius (111 Fahrenheit) while we enjoyed the view. Then i read the sign about rattlesnakes and scorpions and we high tailed it outta there real fast.

Drumheller with it's 86 ft. high, 151 ft. long, 145,000 lb. T. Rex

Looking out from inside its mouth

and finally into the Royal Tyrell Museum

Fun old memories, all because my $20 bucks had another hit.

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