Monday, February 5, 2018

Jan 18 at sea

Breakfast was nice and i enjoyed lots of fruits and yogurts and a little pastry. The girls took off to the pool and suntanning and i went to a seminar in the piano bar. It was empty when i got there and 20 mins later there was still not a soul around. I thought i must have had my days wrong but i checked and the seminar def was listed for today. Next door was the library so i went in and there was no jig saw puzzle out on a table to work on but a few other games were available that required more people than one. So i checked out a stack of magazines and spent some time browsing through them until i got too cold and it was quiet and lonely in there so i headed back to civilization. I checked out the sunshine lobby and my new friends weren’t there so carried on to the casino where it’s always a lively and fun place for me to be.

For lunch i went to the Bonsai Sushi place and had some edamame beans while waiting for a California roll. I also ate a dessert of some kind of little Japanese green tea cakes with little bits of strawberry sauce and whipped cream. Afterwards I dropped back into the library thinking i’d read some more of the magazines i’d seen earlier and they were gone! In their place was a stack of men’s hobby type mags on woodworking and carpentry and boats. That didn’t interest me and wasn’t into wanting to find a book so i moved on. I ended up back at our cabin but our room attendant was cleaning it so i took the elevator to the highest floor to see what was up there. It turned out to be sort of interesting because their hallways weren’t longggg straight ones but in zigzag form. I ended up sort of lost for awhile and by the time i got back to our floor our cabin it was all clean and freshened up and Corinne was having a nap. I was cold so i climbed into my bed and had a little nap too. I was really starting to notice my energy level had gone down but i didn't question the reason why. Later we got ready for our third formal dinner which was nice but very lengthy. I think we were in the dining room for a couple hours. Afterwards we returned to our room to get less formal and the girls went to a show while i spent a little time in the casino before calling it a day.

The piano bar.....I love blue so needless to say loved sitting in here, surrounded by blue

 Pics of the pics

                                This one isn't that impressive but IRL it was pretty awesome.

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