Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Jan 19 our last day with Sunshine

We decided it would be a good idea to set individual times to pack our bags otherwise be falling all over each other if we all tried to pack up at the same time. Our checked luggage will have to be out in the hallway by midnight tonight.  In the a.m we'll do breakfast and then a last check on our room before we walk off with just our carry on bags tomorrow morning. We won't see our checked luggage again until we retrieve them in Vancouver. There’s over 1,400 priority rated people on this cruise which is a huge amount of passengers in the platinum and diamond categories. I know now that i'm in the gold category and therefore all my family or whoever i travel with would get the gold perks as well. But somehow Carnival screwed up and so far i haven’t been recognized as such. It’s way too long of a wait at customer service to get this straightened out today so we’ll just go with the flow of first time cruisers tomorrow and probably be amongst the last to debark. It shouldn’t be a problem as our flight home isn’t until after 4p.m. anyway so no rush.

Breakfast was nice and i then went to the art gallery and there wasn’t much going on there. I sat in the Sunshine lobby for awhile chatting with a nice lady from Nashville then went through the Lido on my way to the trivia contest. I grabbed myself an ice cream forgetting that there was a nice lunch bar near the Ocean Plaza. As i had to walk right by it of course i took a look and everything looked so good I got a plate, loaded up and found a nice table to eat and enjoy the trivia. The questions weren’t really hard and I got a few answers but no prize as there’s people attending who always get all the answers. One team in particular probably has a lot of ships on a stick and good for them; they either study up on misc. facts or are geniuses. I chatted with a different couple also from Nashville and then went to our cabin. Later i met the girls at the 75% off sales and hung out for the raffle draws but didn’t win anything. These raffle draws are weird to me as people wait around for a long time not even knowing what the prizes are. I personally won’t do that again even though they usually add another draw to be done in 10 mins or 20 or more with no mention of what the prize is and a lot of people stand around waiting for it. There’s nowhere to sit, it’s standing room only inside a shop and just not my thing to do in the hopes of winning some unknown prize. 

I returned to the room just in time to accept delivery of a huge platter of seafood canapés that Corinne had ordered for us. Since it was too large to fit in the fridge i went out looking for them as it needed to be eaten asap or refrigerated. The canapés were awesome and we all enjoyed the treat. The girls headed on back out while i stayed behind to pack my bags and get ready for our departure tomorrow morning. I usually do my packing to go on a cruise over a period of days or even a week or more and so it isn’t a big deal but packing up to leave is a huge chore to do all at once and sad to do. I could have stuck around for another couple of weeks!
Bye for now and thanks for reading about my cruise! Maybe i'll see the Sunshine again, hopefully sometime sooner than later....

Just a note to let you know whatever it was that was pulling me down took a few days after arriving home to really rear it's ugly head....i've got pneumonia again! I should have at least suspected it was coming but i didn't. I'm now under the Drs. care and on the road to recovery, still coughing like mad with no energy. This is the second time i contracted this on a cruise ship CORRECTION third time!!! or just after leaving one so not very happy about that but what can you do. I still enjoyed my cruise though i did only a fraction of what Corinne and Sabrina and other people did. Awww well, another ship is waiting for me somewhere and i'm going to do my best to catch it and i'll be cruising again asap! Not sure if it'll be on a HUGE megaship or not, lol!

Here's some extra misc. pics from along the way

                                                Fabulous piece of art, just breathtaking irl

                                 The spicy necklaces we bought on the Spice Island of Grenada.

Bye and thanks for reading!

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