Thursday, January 21, 2010


I never thought i'd ever do a commercial for anything but i can't help it. I was so dazzled by this movie.

An Avatar is a human mind in an alien body

This movie has it all:  its a fun visual masterpiece in 3-D; spectacular, extraordinary, with romance and an environmental message too.   Its got it all; theme, storyline,plot, hidden messages, great characters and its just absolutely beautiful.

You will love Avatar!

This is Neytiri
You will love her and the indigenous people of Pandora, the creatures and botanicals
You'll love Sam Worthington as Jake Sully
See it on the largest possible screen


Lalala said...

Is it really that good? I can't work up enough interest to see it yet.... but everyone else is obviously loving it.

Lorraina said...

Run, Lala don't walk to the nearest theatre and see it asap! Yes, it really is that good, well I absolutely loved it. I went with a grandson and we both looked at each other at the end and said "awesome!"
Avatar now replaces my old favourite movie The Last Emperor.