Sunday, July 10, 2011

Caylee's law

My attempts to start or at least sign a petition for Caylee’s law in Canada have either led me back to the U.S. (which we’re not able to sign) or to signing up through Petition Canada which lists all petitions in general and this one isn’t specified. To even join one has to allow facebook to access your info and/or email and i’m not comfortable with their rules or plea for money so backed off of signing up. So a dead end but maybe it’s just all too new and in time someone will figure out what i can’t.

It’s a law definitely needed everywhere. Had this law been in effect in Florida Casey would be facing 15 years behind bars for not reporting Caylee missing for 31 days causing unnecessary stress and big expense to the taxpayers. Even then it was grandma who called, not Casey. If it were left up to Casey she never would have reported her child missing and that’s because her daughter wasn’t missing; she was dead. Who would report a dead person if you were the murderer? Casey knew where she had dumped the body and so Caylee wasn’t actually missing at any time at all. Why would she tattle tail on herself; you’d have to spin a pretty good yarn to explain the cause of death and no matter what that’s going to get a sure prison term. Whether Casey knew what the law was or not; at least she was in a position of being able to take her time to get a story all figured out. So, she was as free as a bird with nobody to answer to while her daughter decomposed to the point of no one being able to find the cause of death which is the reason she’ll be walking out of the court a free woman on July 17. She’s not guilty and certainly not innocent but she did succeed in what she set out to do which was to free herself from the duties of a mother.

It’s hard to think there could ever be another case like this because usually there’s more clues right up front; clues that family members should have been concerned about but weren’t. But in just about any case of a dead child this law would help close up the cracks in the present system and put the killer in prison for a while.

In many ways I fault George and Cindy for not knowing something was wrong and for not looking for Caylee or questioning Casey as much as they should have. To not even know their daughter wasn’t employed is just plain stupid or they dam well knew she was hiding something and turned a blind eye to the facts. We had a grandchild live in our home from the age of 18 mths to 4 years old and you better believe we’d never let that kid be out of our sight or at least on the phone every single day. And our daughter was a reliable responsible person working at a real job where we could phone at any time and take him to surprise his mother for lunch. There was no chance of us not knowing where he was or his well being at all times; that’s what grandparents do and moreso since the child lived in our house! Caylees home was their home and they knew Casey was a liar and a thief and not a responsible person and they must have known she had no income and no way to make a proper home for Caylee, even if under the understanding of it being a temporary situation. They knew their grandchild would be sleeping in the car or on some unknown couch or floor, eating on the street, eating unhealthily or being in the company of party boys they didn’t even know. How neglectful is that and why didn’t they take action on the first day? The second or third day? And wait until 31 days had passed without at least hearing Caylee’s voice on the phone. Doting grandparents they were not!

This will happen again, another kid, another day. There’s always copy-cat murderers looking for the path to freedom, fame and fortune and a cute little innocent child can be easily thrown away like trash in the blink of an eye and a flick of the finger of the person they should be able to trust the most.

Some States do have a felony law for a missing child who isn’t reported after 12 hours, another has it for 24 hours. What parent, caregiver, relative, friend or neighbour who suspects wrong doing when a child under the age of 12 isn’t around anymore wouldn’t report the child missing?

Another part of Caylee’s law is to disallow any profit made by the family of such a victim. It appears Casey could become rich from movies, books, pictures (ABC paid over $200,000. already for the many pics we see of Caylee) which Casey sold them back in 2008 when the body was still warm. Most of that went to her lawyers and the $70,000 income tax still hasn’t been paid. Crooked people and their crooked lawyers will always be around making a sordid ending to the story of the life of an innocent child.

We’ll always remember Caylee and her family as well. I have a feeling we’ll hear lot’s more about her mother, probably all bad and so it should as she brought this all upon herself with her selfishness and lies. She’ll continue living the same way as a leech upon her family and friends. Just because a jury said “not guilty” doesn’t mean she’s innocent of terrible crimes inflicted and the horrible death this child.

So much for the sunshine law!
To end on a lighter note you sure can’t believe everything you hear on tv.

I’m sure you’ve heard lot’s of Nancy’s bombshells such as “Casey burst into tears” and "then the water works started" when in reality she didn’t shed a tear.

Reporters like Jean Casarez are generally fairly accurate but concerning Caseys hair she said it hasn’t been cut since she’s been in jail, no scissors allowed, no special haircut ever given. Why then is it shorter on the sides….so short that Casey has to finger it back off her face in that annoying way that she does……constantly………………………..

It has been cut somehow; did she bite it off?

Why do reporters always lie?


Just_because_today said...

go on FB. Most people have an account.
As for the family, I hear what you are saying. But, it is hard to conceive in our minds such monstrosity. Remember Susan Smith? she was a good mother who played with her kids before she drown them in the lake while she watched.

Sadly, Lorraina, she is not the only kid murdered by her own mother or father. She is one we know about.
I still don't get that this woman will be walking free in a few days.

Lorraina said...

I do remember Susan Smith and the comarisons because both women blamed a person of a different ethnic group than themselves. Both wanted freedom to be able to spend time with their man.But Smith was regretful almost instantly when she realised what she'd done while Casey has no regrets, no tears and she has never mourned Caylees death and probably never will.
I've heard about some of the other murdered and missing kids; NG has had the case on her show of Haleigh Cummings who went missing from the 17 yr old babysitter Misty Croslin and is thought to have been dumped in the alligator infested river. And who can forget Zahara Baker,the little girl in N.Carolina with amputated leg and what her dad and wicked stepmother did to her. So many more....and NG spends time only on the missing or murdered who were "gorgeous" which annoys the hell outta me.....i know they're all gorgeous but she says it in a way meaning their looks and if a person is a plain jane they don't get a mention on her show. I didn't hear how many kids have been murdered but i did hear theres no shortage of murders and that same courtroom is booked for 160 murder trials to come.Unbelievable isn't it, and that's just in one town out of almost 300 in Florida, a state that has more people than all of Canada.
One of these days i'll write about my own jury experience of serving on a murder trial.
I do have an acc.on FB Myriam but not finding anything there other than Petition Canada so my hands are tied concerning Caylees law.I used to rent a U.S. address and if i hadn't given it up i might have been able to sign using that address but it's long gone.But if such petitions work then i'm confident that millions of Americans will sign it and bring it into the law and then Canada won't be far behind.
Meanwhile yes Casey will walk if she hasn't already and it wont be long before somebody recognises her and hopefully makes her life a living hell.