Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Unbelievable.......Casey Anthony was found to be NOT guilty this morning

1st degree murder  -  not guilty

Aggrevated child abuse -  not guilty

Aggrevated manslaughter of a child -  not guilty

Guilty of providing false information to a law enforcement officer. Penalty will be given on Thursday.
The max would be 4 yrs and since she's been in confinement for 3 yrs now she will likely walk in a year or less.

Unbelieveable. I could not believe my ears. Somebody killed this little girl and threw her away in the woods like she was just a piece of trash. The last person seen with Caylee was her mother.

 Casey can resume her life of lies and party till the cows come home.

This was a total miscarriage of justice and Caylee is still dead.


A Plain Observer said...

sad, very sad.

Lorraina said...

Sad it is Myriam. KC will back in court just 5 hrs. from now and unbelievably quite possibly walk out a free woman.
Where is home now? Do you think G&C have the welcome mat out for her?

Snowbrush said...

I can't imagine what her life will be like now.

Lorraina said...

Hey Snow, great minds think alike we both posted at 1 a.m. Are you ok?

Anonymous said...

This is just sickening. Did everyone see her smile with the sentence and the verdict, and how happy she is ? How could anyone but a monster smile like that after all that has happened ? I am sure she is guilty of those things. There has never been any doubt in my mind. How is not reporting your child dead or missing for 31 days not neglect ?

Anonymous said...

Sadly I think it will be a good life for her, at least until she commits another crime. She is a 'celebrity' now. The media will want her story, possibly a movie. She will probably be lonely without the support of her family, unless they come to her rescue again. She will be looking for immediate male attention. She is going to be a 'novelty' item. It won't be good attention, but that won't make a difference to someone like her. She will probably complain about all the attention but I think deep down she will thrive on it. Initially employment, housing, ect... may be challenging, but if she has enough money from media deals, she will get by. There are always people who go out of their way to support the 'underdog' or 'rehabilitating criminals' thinking they are dogooders for society. Its okay to help rehabilitate some people but Casey Anthony shouldn't be given any favors. She is a murderer set free at the cost of taxpayers in the tune of at least a half million ( I believe). I wonder how much more money is going to be needed to 'protect' her. She will have more children. There was just a story in the news today about how she wants to have more children. I wouldn't be surprised if she had them soon. Maybe shes forgotten all the reasons why she got rid of Caylee like a piece of garbage. She may want to prove to people that she can be a 'good mother' or maybe she will think being with child will give her protection. I hope she gets a different 'nanny'. Having a child will be even more challenging if she doesn't have her families support (although I expect she will). The father might not be such a stand up guy either if he is willing to father children with her. Just like O.J., I don't think we have heard the last of Casey Anthony. I wouldn't want to live near her any more than I would want to live near a sex offender. I see her as a threat to society.

Lorraina said...

omg i am so upset. i wrote a long response to you anonymous but when i hit publish some google thing about protecting my files came up and when i didn't go along with it they deleted my post!
Do you know can I prevent this from happening again?
I'm not able to write all that i did again right now but i agree with what you said except for Casey having more kids....no i think she won't. You can't get misc boyfriends, party and drink and do drugs or even dance and be sexy with a big tummy in that world. I seriously doubt she'd get pregnant again just to spite people, she's way too selfish for that. It's probably just Nancy Grace doing what she does again with silly bombshells.

Anonymous said...

No, I don't know how to prevent that. Sorry that happened to your post. It has happened to me before too. Frustrating... I usually just try to copy a long post to notepad to back it up in case something goes haywire. I really hope you are right about her not having more children ! There are so many good people out there who want children, and here comes someone like Casey Anthony. Her poor little girl Caylee... What a waste ! She deserved so much better. I hope they are able to pass the 'Caylee's Law' I read about today. I would vote for this law. It wouldn't make what happened any less tragic, but it would good to see something positive come out of this.

Lorraina said...

Sorry i've net been able to get back with conversation re the Anthony trial.
Caylees law would be so good to have. I couldn't sign the petition because i'm Canadian. I'm going to see what i can do to have Canucks and people from other countries able to sign, as i know from facebook lots of people from the UK know about it, and Aussies too and would love to sign as well. Caylees law would mean a missing child has to be reported within 48 hrs. Unbelievable that isn't already in effect but who would ever think any mother wouldn't report their child missing after 31 days. Gotta go but i'll be back. Thanks for coming back anonymous.