Monday, May 24, 2010

Lost again

Its Victoria day in Canada today; Queen Vickies bd as well as the day we celebrate  Queen Elizabeths bd as well.
Lots of stuff going on around the lower mainland, this being the official start of summer. The rodeo is in town, popular with alot of folks but the animal cruelty despised by me. Theres carnivals and fireworks etc. but it's  a lazy day for us and for me that means art and of course reading all the theories and mulling over what last nights episode of LOST was all about.

OMGosh, where to start. Generally speaking i think i'll stick with my take but other fans have some of the greatest theories. Heres a few of their ideas:

They were dead before they even boarded the plane. So they were ghosts in various stages of waiting atonement or punishment. There had been clues for each that they had all died from earthly things: Kate shot by police or she got the death penalty for the killings she had done; Jack drank himself to death; Sawyer in a work related shooting; Locke committed suicide; Hurley stepped onto a balcony that collapsed; Charlie a drug overdose; Rose of cancer and on and on, a death for each, even some of old age. The island as a waiting room to heaven is timeless so the happenings there didn't matter.

They were alive but died in the crash and the end was a sideways world where they were dead.

It was a tale of a sideways life that was real and the island time wasn't.

They were alive and survived the crash. The end was only a sideways world where they were dead. This is also supported by the fact that they had all died at different times, some died before Jack and some decades later. Vincent the dog had no real affiliation with Jack and no reason or need to die with him, but thats a coincidence that happens in life sometimes.

The time on the island was the most important time in all their lives. They had all died together so suddenly and unexpectedly but people don't always accept that they are dead. (Jack was the last one to figure it out)  Maybe when a massive amount of people die at the same time and place they become bonded together and they live a "life" of sorts going through all their own individual trials and tribulations while waiting for the truth.  Their redemptions all happened in their own various ways and at different times but they waited for each other to show up at the church so they could then all move on to the gates of heaven together.

Some of the reviews i read say stuff like "some" had to die. I don't get that angle so not going into it.  I think they all had to die or were already dead upon arrival.

Someone pointed out that Jack had taken over the island and he then left it in Hurleys care. The idea of Hurley looking after it either in real time or a sideways time is awesome.
But this of course would mean that he, the one most likely to go straight to heaven, would have to stay back in case others shipwreck or crash and end up there.

Anyway, the whole thing was awesome. I'm still reeling.


Lalala said...

Haha! very interesting stuff.....

Just_because_today said...

this just seems so very confusing...I would be so lost...

Lorraina said...

Welcome to my world, lol! I am lost too.
My take is probably way off the wall cuz the truth is i just really don't know what on earth went on there; i'm more confused than ever and don't know what i was talking about. But it was fun while it lasted; i actually loved it and am lost without it.