Monday, May 24, 2010

Lost and gone forever

It was sad saying goodbye to Lost and all the characters tonight. I'm going to be lost without it.
While i really wasn't expecting it to end like a fairy tale with everyone living happily ever after its still hard to come to terms with knowing that they're all dead....
maybe by tomorrow i'll see some redeeming qualities of that idea but right now i just feel sort of lost.....
my God, they were dead all along!

How can this be?  I should have known!

Lots of questions went unanswered but then, i knew they couldn't answer for alot of stuff; writers got creative and then couldn't backtrack or fill in. Some of the story lines were so crazy and some so great, especially in the love and romance dept.  They ended up with no chance of any sequel, probably the actors want to move on with their lives and other projects.

Still though it would have been nice to end up something like Six Feet Under did a few years ago; now that was a great ending! But of course they wouldn't want to copy-cat.

Come to really think about that - it would have sucked.

I didn't know what the hell was going on around that island; couldn't even begin to sort it all out and certainly couldn't explain it to anyone.....flash back and flash forward is easy enough but then they added flash sideways and that got me a little lost.  And yet, it was entertaining enough to keep me glued to the screen for 6 years. 

Now that its soaking in a bit i see that the island was the gateway between heaven and hell.

I'm sure others will have their own thoughts about this ending and i might change mine, but i don't think so.

The best thing about Lost - the show made us think and its all open to interpretation.  So, there's probably no right or wrong answer or conclusion. At least we have this - they're all together; Kate and Jack, Sawyer and Juliet, Sayid and Shannon, Jin and Sun, Penny and Desmond. Charlie and Claire.  Those that were with them on this journey - Hugo, John, Boone, Rose, Bernard - are with them, and they're all happily re-united, albeit dead, at least in heaven. 
Benjamin stayed out in the dark so i suppose that means he went to hell. I don't think the bit players were there but that dosnt mean they went to hell; i guess they could show only the major ones. Ditto the dog; in heaven i know.

It was a great show while it lasted; highly entertaining, great characters, beautiful Hawaiian scenery and exciting to the end.

So i guess it was the perfect ending; perhaps the only ending they could have.

They're no longer lost, so its a closure of sorts.


L.C said...

lorraina what i can't still wrap my head around is that they were dead all the time...i just started watching lost this season (i caught up on all the previous seasons all 5 of them in a month and then finished the last few episodes on T.V) definitely a great show!

Lorraina said...

Wow LC you really went LOST. What did you think of the ending and whats your take on what it was all about? Did you know there's a cool Lost discussion group
Lots of interesting reading there; really heavy duty Losties.....

bunny said...

I didn't know you were a "LOSTIE" am I and it's been frustrating trying to talk to people about it. I loved the ending. It made me laugh...Hurley and sawyer, it made me mad...jack and locke but most of all it made me happy. Like you said, everyone eventually made the journey together and seemed happy. I though that Ben didn't want to go inside the church because he wasn't ready to cross over...he needed to repent a little. I also believe that animals cross over and I read that Walter wasn't there because the actor grew so much it wouldn't look right so they left out Michale too. I will miss it and honestly...I hope there's a movie.