Monday, May 10, 2010

My garden May 10

Blogger is placing the pics all out of order again, sorry for the mish-mash. 
Hope you enjoyed the visit to my garden.
I've come to realise my pictures are quite washed out in colour and blurry; especially the long shots.  I was thinking of blaming my camera; Olympus FE 230, 7.1 megapixels with image stabilization.
But it's such a cute little thing; 3 1/2" x 2" x 3/4" deep. Fits easily into my hand, pocket or fanny pack.  
A better new one would be nice but....... 
maybe its just the time of day - 4 or 5pm when i take pics that might be the problem. I should try the am's but well, its not likely as i'm a certified night owl. Perhaps a dull overcast day will give different results, not that i'm asking for one, but you know, as long as the rain dosn't come with it.
Or maybe i'm just not a great photographer; no patience to fiddle; no time to stand around adjusting; i just want to aim and shoot in auto mode. 
One thing for sure is what i see and what the camera remembers are two different things. 


L.C said...

Hi Lorraina,
Your flowers are beautiful!! someday i would love to have a yard like that. right now mine is just sprouted grass and weeds. anyway...for some reason i am not receiving your blog posts. all of your blogs for the last 2 month's i've not gotten. the only way i can get them is if i search and look back for them...they are not updating on my list. any idea why?

L.C said...

i figured it out...i wasnt following...oops!

Lalala said...

maybe adding more contrast while editing? Just guessing.

Lorraina said...

Thanks LC. Well, about this "following" thing...
maybe i just don't get it or something although i have clicked to follow a few people i find it more convenient to bookmark the blogs i like and go to them daily from my home page (Yahoo)

Lots of times theres not a new post there, but it takes only a second to click on it and go to the next one.

Actually i didn't even know the followed blogs update on my blog until just a few days ago when i was editing or something; there they all were with the newest posts.

Still, i'm a creature of habit so when i find a blog i like i add it to my favorites where it always goes to the bottom of the list. Somebody told me how to clump them all together by picking each one up and carrying it to where the others are at the top of my list.

Now i always do that and find it so convenient to have the addys all together like that.

My old 'puter listed each address alphabetically and that was a pain too because blog names are all over the place, mixed in with other sites.

I solved that problem by adding BLOG to the beginning of the link. This 'puter does it differently by simply putting it on the bottom.

My way of organizing might sound complicated but its easier for me.
Hope this helps.

Lorraina said...

Thanks for the suggestion Lalala
i've use the contrast thingy on occasion but sometimes to fix the problem i get such a fake look. I like fake in some things but not on garden pics so much.
Now maybe if i did my editing in photosho it would be made better but i'm really lazy and don't edit my pics there; dont even know how. Love messing in PS butjust with art.

Just_because_today said...

they look beautiful to me but...I know nothing about flowers only that what I see I like.
We have the dull overcast rainy day are dying, I think. It's freezing cold