Thursday, May 6, 2010

May 5 goings on in the garden this week

Wisteria maybe a little fuller but the flowers havent started to lengthen out yet.

                                                                    Heres a little different view
                                                                      This type of lilac isn't as fragrant but its a
                                                                         nice compact plant better suited to some locations.
ok i give up on trying to keep titles with the pics.


Just_because_today said...

Beutiful flowers. The first picture looks like the view from my house but I dont have as many flowers...actually I dont have flowers...just trees.
dont you hate it when the picture moves away from the writing/title?

Lorraina said...

My flowers are all shrubs and trees too. In another life i used to grow alot of perennials and i'd plant annuals by the thousands in colour co-ordinated groups as well as grow, display and maintain a themed horticulture display in the local fair for 18 days every summer,can you believe it! No wonder i'm all laid up with arthritis in the back now.

Well, i enjoy whats left of my garden but just in the spring as by the end of June theres not much going on anymore and the place takes on a tired look, just like me.
I tried up until 5 yrs ago to have a few colourful hanging baskets around but even that became too hard to manage.

The titling thing is soooo annoying, i think i'll give up and simply type before or after pics. I spend time organizing and it looks good but after i hit publish.....poof, all wonky. so what can ya do.

Hope you have a really great Mothers day!