Thursday, May 19, 2011

Canucks 7 San Jose 3

Game # 2 of the Western Conference finals is in the bag. It started with fun in the sun with smoke,snow and sparks on the ice and then it sorta ended the same way.
Period 1 started with San Jose stopping 2 goals in the first minute of play. It looked like it might be a good game. No, wait, before that was a SJ player picking on our Kevin Bieksa before the first puck was even dropped leading me to think this game is going to get rough. Yes it was that as it looked like SJ was frazzled and couldn't keep up and the period ended 3-2 for the Canucks. Then in the 2nd period the real poor sportsmenship of team SJ really went out of control with slashing,fighting, chopping, high sticking, too many men on the ice etc.

By the 3rd period it was all tied up again but SJ couldn't handle our speed and soon it was 5 - 2 Canucks with the poor sport goon sitting in the penalty box again. Then he gave our goalie a snow shower and stood over him taunting him. What an idiot! You don't do that to our goalie especially on our ice. So we got another goal, and another.
That one SJ player pretty much single handedly destroyed his team with his ugliness as NHL brass watched and with 10 seconds left to go SJ became totally unravelled. It was an unbelievable spectacle.
Can't hardly wait for game 3 in San Jose Friday night. If they're this bad on our ice what are they going to do on their own?


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