Sunday, June 5, 2011

Canucks 3, Boston 2 ..........and we've got Stanley fever..........

Before the game

1st period Alex Burrows scores from Daniel Sedin. Those twins should have been triplets as Alex and the twins are so well tuned they can anticipate where each other is going to be a minute from now.

Manny Malhotra #27 played in the 2nd period and the fans went wild chanting "Manny Manny Manny" Everyone was so happy to see him well recovered and back in the game after being off since March 16th He played great and made valuable contributions to the game.

Then Robertos face mask was literally "pucked off" but he still made the save

Then somehow it was 2 - 1 for Boston. At some point Kevin Bieksa went down and we were terrified for a minute but he was ok. Then Daniel Sedin scored to tie it up and it was 2-2 at the end of regulation time.

so then we went into OVERTIME! Dun ta du tunnnnn

It lasted just 11 seconds when Alex Burrows got a wraparound goal. It was the second fastest goal in playoff history and i was stunned by the beauty of it. Too bad i don't know how to move the video clip here, so just imagine if you will......

here's Alex celebrating, is he happy or what

So, Alex takes a shot and misses; he follows the puck around the back of the net and gets us a little wraparound goal. AMAZING GOAL! and the crowd goes wild!

Next, game 3 in Boston on Monday June 6 and can the Bruins get their game back on their own ice? Their coach said they know their shortfall is turning the puck over to us in the neutral zone.....and thats one of the Canucks strong points. Well, maybe but seriously, we have alot of strong points and don't rely on anyones mistakes. Uhh maybe ya  should try and fix that hole do ya think?
Oh, btw, the 2 Boston goals were scored by B.C'ers; Milan Lucic from Vancouver and Mark Rechhi  from Kamloops, B.C.

Yes we do turn out alot of great hockey players; that's what we do and we are seeking Stanley!

And every game another Canuck steps up.

Thanks to Getty photos for the pics.


The Blog Fodder said...

Wish I could watch a game. I'm sure there is some way over the internet but no clue how.

21k said...


Last I heard the score at 3 in the morning Paris time it was 2-1 Boston, I had no idea the score till I came here. I wish I could have seen it, awesomness!!!!

Keep up the play by plays.... :-)

Lorraina said...

Blog Fodder, yes, go to
you can see Burrows wrap-around goal and tons more; Mannys return etc. This town is going wild! Vancouver Province today had the Canucks on the cover and the first 13 pages then lots in the sports section.It's so amazing

Lorraina said...

Apres -midi Deidre,isn't it merveilleux! Excusez-moi i do not speak french. It's like a dream, Vancouverites going around in shorts and thongs on the hottest days of the year and wearing their Canucks; it's just all so surreal, and feels a little unnatural as you know to be still playing hockey in the summertime.
Everyones all happy and it's just wonderful to see. Game tickets are totally unavailable of course so i enter every contest.
Love reading your take on Paris. I'm cheering for you.

Just_because_today said...

stopping by to say hi. I'm sure this game is interesting, but since I don't watch, I'll never know. But I take your word for it. ;)

Lorraina said...

Hi Myriam thanks for dropping by; i know you're not a hockey fan and that's ok. I am so far behind due to watching the Casey Anthony trial, it takes alot of time and then the chat groups and facebook etc. busy busy all the time and here it is after 2a.m. and still at it after a 4 hr phone call with my sister.I am beat but will catch up to you when the Stanley Cup comes home and this trial is done.