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Casey Anthony trial continues day 12 on the forensics stuff this week

and i wasn't going to write about it anymore for thinking most everybody now knows all about it or are not interested.Anyhow with no hockey report to write, i like this sort of thing and it's a distraction. I'm still watching the trial proceedings every day as well as participating in the chat groups of which there are many. However so much evidence has now been told and shown and discussed that i couldn't begin to tell of it all even in a condensed way "what, me condense?"so i'll just write a little basically of what happened at trial today. But you know i have PROLIXITY which is longwinded speech or in my case typing so be aware that in order for me to tell one thing i have to tell a few other things first....

So first to set the scene:

After the famous 911 calls of a missing child and "it smells like a dead body was in the dam car" Florida law enforcement was  sent to the Anthony home to begin unravelling the who, what and where and when of the case. At the time Casey, (after this i'll refer to her as KC) told them Zenaida Fernandes Gonzolez aka Zanny the nanny had taken the child and that she had received a short but encouraging phone call from Zanny just the previous day and that she had also spoken to Caylee on the phone. Otherwise she had not seen her daughter for 31 days. Of course all lies but nobody knew this at that time as she lies so well. I know she sure suckered me in when she said Zannys phone was suddenly disconnected, her apt. emptied and all attempts to find her had failed. She had the police driving her all over Orlando looking for Zannys friends, her sister, her mother and for associates and clues. LE got the picture when she directed them to her own place of employment where she had worked for 2 yrs at an imaginary job in an imaginary office with imaginary co-workers at a dream job planning the events that suited her own needs with lots of time off for tattoos and partying.

Earlier KC's car had been fetched by her dad George from the tow yard where it had been towed to after being found in a local business parking lot a month earlier. The tow yard manager had already testified it smelled like human decomp was going on in the car, and George, also recognising the odour said he feared opening the trunk to find either his daughter or granddaughter but he did open it to find just a bag of trash. Being as he was an ex cop he well knew the odour and the tow yard man said he'd also experienced it on many occasions. So what comes next is hard to believe because
between the two of them they threw the garbage into a dumpster and George drove the car home with the windows all down as he said otherwise he wouldn't been able to handle the smell. He then washed the outside of the car before he left for work and later nurse Cindy Anthony removed all the items left in the car - clothes, a pair of KC's shoes, a purse in plain sight on the front seat that nobody had tried to steal in a whole month? and Caylees doll which had been eerily posed and propped up in Caylees carseat in the back seat. Cindy said the clothes "just reeked" so she washed them and cleaned everything else then sprayed a whole can of Febreeze in the car and placed scented dryer sheets here and there hoping to kill that horrible smell.

Not far behind her comes the very capable Deputy Forgey with his certified trained cadaver searching K-9 Garus. Both he and his dog noticed the smell as they approached the car and when the door was opened Garus jumped in and went immediately into the back seat where he scuffled and snorted at the backseat in attempt to get into the trunk area. Garus had been trained to start work upon hearing the words "find fred" The two worked as a team and the K-9 was trained to search out and alert only to the smell of human decomposition.These dogs do not ever confuse the smells of rotting meat, cheeses, animal decomposition or any food or trash as Jose Baez would like the jury to think could happen.

The next day Deputy Forgey was requested to come to the back yard, where he again gave Garus the keyword search command. The handler makes sure to keep the leash limp as they go or to remove it entirely and allow the dog to go and search wherever he wants. They walked right by the pool area and he didn't stop ....was this because there was no death scent there or was it because this "cadaver dog thing" dosn't always work? You know Baez will be on that like stink!

The Anthonys no longer are on their daughters side since they were notified 6 wks prior to the trials beginning that KC was going to throw her dad under the bus. They have now seen their daughter as the killer of their granddaughter and have testified for the state. It wasn't easy for them and they suffer still and always will. And yet KC upon realizing her mom wasn't even going to blow her a kiss got upset, still expecting her mom to come to her rescue.

And she still believes "I am as much of a victim as the rest of you" Body language experts have said her head shaking thing is actually anger; she's pissed that nobody believes her anymore.

Casey Anthonys defence is that Caylee drowned in the pool June 16, 2008 and because of sexual abuse in her childhood by her dad and her brother, she learned to lie as well as withold info from her mom, fearing not being forgiven for stealing and other wrongful doings. Lies were so much easier. The story (which is bound to change)is that KC and Cindy had argued the night of June 15, 2008 regarding Caylees care and KC's partying and KC took off in a huff leaving Caylee at home alseep.
KC returned the next morning and as she walked around the side of the house she found her dad there holding Caylees accidently drowned body because he hadn't watched her properly and he immediately started admonishing KC, saying "it's your fault and your mother will never forgive you for this"

The defence hasn't yet continued that lie, maybe KC hasn't thought it up yet as to exactly what came next and how Caylee got in the trunk dbl bagged with duct tape over her nose and mouth. So far all the defence has said was KC's life had become one long lie and she had been covering up for her dad.

Actually everything that comes out of her mouth are lies; long involved and complicated, including remembering many peoples names, their bd's, their families, times, dates,workplaces, things and events that she can relay accurately accordingly to whoever she's speaking. She somehow manages to keep the stories all straight as she can lie so well it's actually disturbing to see someone who can lie this much and be so convincing.
 A quote to this by Leonard Padilla, the bounty hunter and bailsman who had bailed KC out and observed her actions for 10 days:

"Casey Anthony can lie and be more believable than George Anthony is telling the truth"

Now in hindsight it's easy to see. She is a self centered, disassociated narcisistic psychopathic and sociopath who has no emotions and no concience but the love and selfish protection of herself. She didn't bat an eyelash at hearing of the decomposition of her baby and the scattering of her remains and the bones still missing in the woods. In fact she had her head down most of the time and it looked like she was doing sudukos or playing  games on her little game thingy under the table.

Back to Deputy Forgey and his K-9. Garus hit upon a spot in the back yard, on the grass, near Caylees little playhouse. While there was nothing physical to see there, the K-9 did the "headsnap" and sat, made eye contact with his handler and then laid down, indicating he had found the smell of human decomp.
The following day they returned and Garus did'nt make a hit on anywhere else in the yard as he had been commanded to avoid the area of the previous days hit.(otherwise K9's will stay at the first alert area and not venture out again until they're commanded to)

I found that easy to understand but needless to say the defence made a big deal out of it and Jose Baez in his bullying muscleman sort of way tried his best in cross examine to make Deputy Forgey say the dog had made a mistake or a false alert. Fogery however wouldn't say that as his dog had already hit on the spot and LE had then scraped the area clean in their collection of evidence.
Well, Bozo couldn't figure that out or the difference between a false alert and no alert.This guy spent 8 yrs getting his law degree! He also questioned him on why he didn't make a video of the event! The man had to explain that at the time there was a missing kid, this wasn't a crime scene (yet)and nobody keeps videos of their K-9 on a non alert.
So yet again, Bozo  makes a fool out of himself with his suggesting the dog made a mistake and hadn't been trained on residual odour after a month had gone by!  Bozo's been watching too much CSI.
Here is John Forgey the K-9 handler of Garus

Baez's work ethic is intimidation and he keeps himself fit so as to better scare people but just comes across as a total idiot. Some days he and ms Anthony don't engage at all and the jury will certainly have noticed this by now. If he keeps up with this crazy alibi either he or KC made up, and she continues to jut out her chest every single time she stands up she's  never going to see daylight again for sure. But then again, some are afraid she's gonna walk.

He's made stupid calls on just about all of the prosecutions expert witness'es actually taunting the nice air sample expert yesterday by hollaring at him "you just don't know, do you" So why not belittle the dog and his master as well; i guess that's what defence lawyers do.

The air expert works at a place called the Body Farm; needless to say Baez had a go and attempt to belittle the study of decomposition of humans, forgetting that someone has to do it and this man is an expert in the field and i found it all very interesting and i think the jury did too. He also belittled the mans hobby of practicing the use of a divining rod. But don't worry, the jury liked the man and probably saw him as i do myself as a likable nerdy but brilliant scientist and lovable, totally unlike Bozo and his client.

It's long been a theory that KC had removed Caylee from the trunk where she had died, placed the dead child on the grass, went to the neighbours to borrow a shovel and planned on burying her there but the job was too hard for a lazy girl with the hard soil that was full of bamboo roots.
I believe this was the reason why when at one point today a mention was made of "a search of the area the father was not familiar with" was stricken from the record and the jury ordered to disregard the comment as i guess the evidence has not yet been testified to and maybe never will. That's the mystery of murder trials, sometimes you don't get to find out some things.
I think it meant that George Anthony had observed an area that wasn't the same as when he had left it and possibly noticed the few mini attempts to dig in the grass, and George would notice that as he kept the garden in pristine condition. Or alternately, a couple of the pavers that were the floor and patio of Caylees playhouse had been removed. I believe a couple of pavers were found in the woods near the remains of the baby. If they're the pavers it's hard to believe KC could have pulled this off alone, without being seen by someone.
Strangely one of KC's boyfriends had recently (back then) sent her a photoshopped ad that was probably originally an ad for flowers. He had changed it to read "Win her over with chloroform" Co-incidence, maybe.... but chloroform had been searched on Google by none other than KC and many believe she used to put Caylee to sleep often and it well could have been what killed her. Was he the helper?

Videos of the working K-9 Garus were shown to demonstrate and it was amazing to see this dog find a body floating in the water, at night, with a helicopter search going on right overhead in a swampy area where no man would go. Gerus had also found small bones that had been overlooked at another death scene by the police who thought they had found all the remains. Dogs are well respected for the duties they do for their countries in times of war, to sniff out bombs and drugs, alert their master to medical problems, find bodies that are completely submerged, serve as a blind persons eyes and the list goes on.  All they expect in  return are their basic needs, respect, praise for a job well done and time to have fun and play with a ball. Needless to say dogs have no reason to lie.

Garus worked for 6 yrs and is now retired to a nice retirement doghouse in sunny Florida.

Not Garus but looks similar

The defence doesn't have to prove anything but the prosecution does. Believe it or not, like OJ, KC could walk despite all the circumstantial evidence!

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