Monday, June 13, 2011

Movie bloopers -Casino 1995 Robert Deniro and Sharon Stone

The first tv blooper i saw was back in the day of afternoon live soap operas and one of the shows i watched was The Edge of Night. It was full of drama and everything very serious. A couple kissed, a long hard kiss and when they separated a long line of drool stayed connected for the longest time. Neither actor made a hand grab on it and they continued their lines with the drool still attached. Finally the woman took a step back but the drool line only got longer and by then it was swinging like a hammock between them. It was such an uncomfortable moment and neither of the actors knew what to do and finally a commercial was put on to end it. My sister who watches the show phoned me immediately to see if i had seen it and we had a good laugh over it.

I started watching for more and now it's a given that i'll always see carelessly done cuts and wrong things.It's especially fun when you catch the story line changing or something not followed through.

Tonight Casino was on tv and we watched all 4 hours of it even though all the smoking in it gave me a headache.  This is my list of the wrong things i noticed in this movie and bet i missed many as well.

Gingers hair keeps changing a lot without her going for a hair apt at any time. In one scene alone it went  was longer, shorter, back to long with curled up ends, then shorter with curled under ends, whisps at the back, then no wisps....i got dizzy watching her hair change from minute to minute.

Diappearing cigarette packs, first they are there, next second they're gone and then back again. Then there were the cigarettes that were smoked down to an inch then suddenly became longer.

Wine glasses were broken and tipped over in a fight in a restaurant and a second later they were in the upright position and fine.

Gingers purse strap broke but a sec later it was mended.

Gingers wrist pads could be seen when she was thrown out of the restaurant.Guess she does her own stunts!

A car started it's motor before the driver even got in the car.

Ace was talking once or twice but his mouth wasn't moving.

Squealing tires on a dusty road in the desert.

Digital things could be seen in scenes that were pre digital.

You could tell it was a mannequin sitting in the car and not DeNiro before the car exploded.

He was injured enough to go to the hopital but they put him in the ambulance feet first which is wrong.

The next one i'm not positive but i think Sharon Stone left the house wearing a short fur jacket and then returned wearing a full length fur coat.

The amount of blood on a guy was inconsistant then he was way too bloody in the wrong places

When the first guy got dumped into a grave on the desert he landed in the hole on his right side. Later when another guy was dumped in the same grave on top of him, the first guy was suddenly now on his left side.

That's all the bloopers i saw except the red Corvette was shown a couple times too many. It wasn't in the story line so i guess just a car they wanted to use. I saw it in the parking garage, driving along and parked across the street in one scene. Nothing to do with the movie but i thought it was dumb that this car showed up when theres so many other random cars available to use. Bloopers are bloopers and they don't bother me, nor do they ruin the movie but i felt it was a cheap shot to show the same car 3 times for no good reason.

Otherwise all was fun hearing and seeing the casino business and the con artists ripping it off, and the security people who are trained to spot the scams. It was supposedly a sort of true to life story of Las Vegas and the people who run it, including the politicians. There was a snow scene and i don't know if it even snows in Vegas or if it that part had been shot in Reno or somewhere else. All in all it was a pretty good movie with DeNiro and Stone playing their roles brilliantly.

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