Monday, June 13, 2011

Vancouver Canucks 2, Boston 5

Disappointing but we've turned the page now and are excited to be going to game #7 in Vancouver Wed. June 15 @ 5p.m. The Canucks get the chance to win on home ice!


bunny said...

lol....lorraina,even though I don't know too much about hockey and every time I ask the hubster he acts like I should know this stuff, I rootin' for Boston cuz their an American Team...nothin' against the Canucks, they're an awesome team, but I'm just trying to be
btw...My hubby wants to go to Toronto....I think he said the hockey museum is ther....Oh lordy!!

Lorraina said...

That's ok Bunny i know Americans are going to root for themselves just as Canadians root for our own.Having said that i really don't understand some of the dynamics much, like the Canadians who play for U.S. teams, as well as the other way around.I guess the $ is what drives them and so makes it easy to become a team member anywhere and still be able to separate the job from the home.Not sure i'd ever be able to do that myself as like you i'm really patriotic too.

And yes, the hockey hall of fame is in Toronto,over 4000kms from Vancouver.