Monday, June 6, 2011

Don't wanna talk about it : (

sad, that's what it was. We played Boston style hockey and got trompled with an embarrassing 8-1 score all i can say is poooooo!


Just_because_today said...

glad you dont want to talk about it because I dont know what to say about it

Lorraina said...

Thanks, that's ok, what can anyone say? Totally unexpected, it took us by surprise and we're still smarting. 2,000 Canuck fans went to Boston to see that and will now have nightmares the rest of their lives.70,000 fans were downtown to watch on the big outdoor screen and it was horrid to see them all leave and go home so quietly and disheartened. I guess maybe we all were getting spoiled and taking things for granted. Glad the Boston player is ok, we took alot of injuries too. But tomorrows another day and another chance to get the cup with just 2 wins and we're all fricking diehards so
Go Canucks Go! I believe!