Friday, June 10, 2011

***One game away from the Stanley Cup***

Vancouver Canucks 1   Boston Bruins 0

Game #5 is in the bag!   #40 Maxim Lapierre assisted by Kevin Bieksa gets the one and only goal of the game five minutes into the 3rd period.
I can still hear people cheering 20 mins.later and fireworks are going off in my neighbourhood right now. I'd go on up to the local fan gathering place but so many are headed up there i can't even get out of my driveway...this is so exciting. This is what we live for!

Game 6 Monday in Boston 5pm. If we win it there they'll be bringing home the cup. How exciting is that!


bunny said...

How exciting for you...unfortunately, we are rootin' for Boston....let's see Monday...shall


Lorraina said...

Hey Bunny, seems like you were rooting for the Ducks awhile back and when they died you said "Go Canucks"
Just curious; whatever made you change your mind?

Catz said...

Hey SOMEONE has to root for them!!

Lorraina said...

Catz, yeah, that was a bit of a buzz kill but doesn't bother me, i know the Canucks are the better team.
And, she did say "unfortunately", lol

Just_because_today said...

Come on, get into soccer so we can talk about something I understand!

Lorraina said...

OK but just 1 more game first, or
2;whatever it takes for the Canucks to win the cup, then i'll get onto something else but definitely not soccer. I was a soccer and lacrosse mom for 10+ yrs and that was more than enuff soccer for me, lol!

More of Casey Anthony? Nah, i'm obssessed with the trial but don't think so; it's just way too much stuff to write about and then realise i barely made a dent in it.

So, after the cup arrives home and the trial is over i'll be open to anything else. Gimmee another idea Myriam....and in the meanwhile