Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My heart is broken

the hopes of a nation dashed and the dreams of all British Columbians shattered by one goalie.
Thomas is king but the rest of the Bruins still suck.   SHIT!!!!! awww shit.


The Blog Fodder said...

Snatched defeat from the jaws of victory again, did we?

Lorraina said...

The first time you said that i didn't understand what you meant and still don't, my brain doesn't connect with that kind of mensa stuff.
Anyhow Boston got the cup on our ice and yeah, that was a big disappointment and fans should have just accepted it and maybe take some joy that they didn't get it on their home ice. And then they shoulda gone home but noooo, theres rioting still going on downtown, they've chosen to destroy this beautiful city, cars being trashed and burned, riot squads some on horseback, some with K9's trying to tame the crowds using tear gas, even a report that a policeman was killed, but maybe that part not true. In any case it's sickening what they've done, broken windows on every store,looting,as well as broken columns, porta pottys tipped and trashed, anything they could break they did. Transit was all being used to get them out of the city and nobody is allowed to go in. It's really very scary, esp when i knew my granddaughter was down there, hoping it would be a big win and a happy celebration.But what happened doesn't even make sense, such are the lives of alot of poor sport idiots. Most average age 22 with alcohol involved of course.We all wanted the Canucks to win too but they didn't we merely wept instead.
What a terribly disappointing night, seeing that people destroy their city when their team loses.It's unbelievable.
In the future if we ever get in the finals again i think they'll have to have morning games or something drastic like that as well as close all liquor outlets for the day.

Lalala said...

Sorry Lorraina.... it was a crazy scene in downtown Vancouver!

Lorraina said...

Yes, Lalala,crazy it was and i spoke of it before finding out it wasn't Vancouverites rioting, it was pro rioters and the same bunch goes around the world, hired by who knows who to entice young male students, get them all drugged up to follow them in making someone/something/or a city look bad. And they succeeded because it's obvious now the average Canadian hockey fan doesn't do this when their team loses. Unfortunately the media loves getting stuff like this and they twist it by reporting it wrongly. For all we know at this point it could well have been funded by someone in that's what's really ugly and i'm so sorry i wrote in the heat of the moment not knowing the real truth of it.
Of course they didn't show on U.S. news all the Canuck fans who stayed in the arena to watch and cheer the Bruins as they skated the cup and then they left quietly. So now Vancouver has a bad name and that really sucks as it's still a beautiful friendly city minus those idiots. Watch for it in the National Enquirer and see how these protester operate and hope they don't come to destroy your town.
Sorry for sounding angry; i'm just pissed today learning of all this.

Unknown said...

Yeah....a bunch of drunken idiots...
This happened here when the Lakers won...I don't get or lose, idiots act the same.


Lorraina said...

You got it Bunny, thanks for the comment.It's now known they were planning mayhem and destruction win or lose. The cowards came prepared with their gas masks and armed with concussion grenades but wearing Canucks jerseys and bandanas and hoodies to blend in and then hide behind, and stupid enough to pose for pics and put them up on FB and Youtube. It was crazy with over 100,000 people on the streets and many injuries. Millions of dollars damage was done and thousands of citizens went back the next day to help clean up the mess those jerks did.
Such a waste because our Canucks came in a respectable second place and that should be celebrated. We all wanted that fricking cup but sometimes you have to wait for another season.
So next year Go Canucks!

The Blog Fodder said...

The expression is snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. Which is what Boston did. It is considered praise.
The sarcastic version, aimed at those who blow it badly when on the verge of winning is not considered praise.

Lorraina said...

Fodder, you said we "snatched defeat from the jaws of victory" and i still don't know if that's the sarcastic version cuz i just don't get the expression either way, sorry. So does this mean you're a Boston fan? or a fan of the Canucks or a put down of the Canucks? or Boston?
Either way is ok, people can put down or praise whoever their team of choice is. I just wish it were in simple language so it's clear what is meant.

Not a poetry fan either as i don't get the meaning of sets of words that imply something else and the reader expected to fill in the blanks or different meanings and then to top it off doesn't even rhyme. I like poetry that rhymes like childrens poems that are simple,honest and to the point.

Ditto on quirky sayings and phrases esp. those i've never heard before because i never do come to a conclusion or understanding of what the hell it means. Trying to figure out ten words that are not clear is much more time consuming and brain wasting than my prolixity which is probably overly repeated but clear as to what i'm saying and what i mean.
No offence intended; that's just me being me.