Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hawaii day 14

Can life get better than this? Started off the day with Starbucks; their
coffee frappachino is much better than at home or maybe it just seems
so and that's ok when you're in Hawaii; their coffee is by far the best.
I love this place so much and for many years Maui was my fav.
Island and Oahu second best. Now on this trip i realise the things
i enjoyed doing on Maui are not really things i can do anymore but
Oahu will always have tons of things to see and do no matter how old
and feeble we get we'll still be able to enjoy visiting here so Oahu is
#1 now. Waikiki Beach is especially cool; i love being amongst
crowds of people and the whole tourist scenerio here.

hustle and bustle in Waikiki

The Royal Hawaiian Pink Palace; we saw a beautiful wedding party walk
thru as we stopped to have a little rest in their lobby

Near our doorway looking down 5 floors. Is it a surfboard graveyard?

Nice wide sidwalks for strolling along the beach

Arrowhead plant

Gianormous swiss cheese plant

Walking through the Royal Hawaiian shipping center today i got
caught by a guy selling beauty creams with gold flakes in 'em and
special salts to defoliate the skin. Truth is he sort of captured me
and by the time i realized i was caught he had placed a scoop of
these salts in my hand and Bobs too so we had to go along with his
sales pitch. The salts did make my hands feel nice and soft and then
he said i looked so young as he slathered stuff all over one side of
my face so then i was hooked for sure and thought i'd have to buy his
products because (A) i'd want to or (B) only one side of me was
being improved and i'd end up half beautiful and half not. When he
was finished fussing on me he raved on about the improvement
pointing it out in a mirror and i was starting to believe him but Bob
insisted i looked the same, just shinier on the one side and he said his
hands didn't feel any different so that made the get-away a little easier.

We stopped for lunch and i had a chicken and avocado sandwich, pop
and a cookie and just now remembered i had ordered fries as well but
didn't get 'em and it's just as well. Back in the condo Bob was down for
a nap so i went up to the penthouse floor to get the fabulous classic pics
of Diamond Head at the end of the building on the opposite side then
went downstairs and got a manicure; fuchsia pinkish with one glittery
nail on each hand.
No, these arn't professional picture postcards; i took 'em myself....
IPad is pretty awesome after all

another view from the 14th floor

Dinner at the same place as last night and another good band, this one
with white girl hula dancers so not quite as good as the all Hawaiian
group.We now both agree that Maui is out and Oahu is in but i added
the stipulation that a longer stay and a car would be a must for next
time so we can get out of the city and do it at our own pace and
have enough time to look for "Lost" film locations, Dog the
Bounty Hunter and such and maybe by then it'll be time revisit the
Polynesian Cultural Center, Chinatown, the north shore and botanical
gardens etc. We both love Hawaii and hope to visit again in the next
year or two, God willing.

After dinner Bob surprised me by walking to the jewelry store where
i had mentioned that yesterday i spotted an unusual ring and he must
have liked it too and he bought it for me probably because of it's cool
smoothness, and the blue, green, purple and aqua patterns coming from
within it like soft neon lights shining through the dark. It's a simple
band design, glossy yet silky feeling; made of tungsten, so hard as steel, a
ring that somehow fits all my fingers and even my thumb and it feels so
right; a beautiful unique piece that i loved upon first sight to add to my
Hawaiian collection.

We walked out onto the beach and admired the ocean with it's white
ribbons of surf gently rolling in and it's an unbelievably beautiful
sight. One of the best things ever is Waikiki at night, walking on the
beach, listening to Hawaiian music drifting on the breeze and stopping
at each hotel along the way.The place even smells fabulous, all the time!
As we gazed out at the stars we counted 6 planes in the night sky within
our view and even that seemed extra special. People come and people go
and fortunate are those who experience beautiful blue Hawaii.

Back in the condo a rerun of Mary Tyler Moore that must have been
about 40 yrs old and it was a great ending for our second day in
beautiful Waikiki Beach.

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