Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hawaii day 4 oops, a day off the grid

What day is this? I dunno,might be Sept 21 and maybe it's Friday night.
We are rocking and rolling tonight, zig-zagged and sashayed our way back to
our cabin from the casino where I wasted $30. after the hypnotist show tonight
which was after the jazz show earlier which was an awesome show with dancers
and the feathery headdresses and all, don't know how those dancers can stay on
their feet with all the action going on, they're really amazing. Won $100. At
bingo in the a.m. in a game where you had to get all the B's and all the O's
then shout "I've got BO" Shared the $200 with another winner and they said
it would magically appear on my shipboard credits but when i put my card in a 
machine it said I had $10......hope I'm not being ripped off . Had to use
real money for the first time since day two when I won $500. When i lost my
card it was replaced but i was worried and not sure about how it all worked
so i cashed the money out and put it in the room safe instead of leaving it in my
account, hence the need today to have to use paper money and hopefully
tomorrow the $100. will appear and then I guess that'll mean they gave me
$10 for some other reason. This not unheard of since another passenger
approached our group of 6 and offered a plate of chocolate covered
strawberries that she had been given in the casino just for being a cheerful
loser, so stuff like that can and does happen and there's good will all around.
Also knowing there's some sort of point system going on with the slots and
cash back when you spend a certain amount just as B.C. Lottery Corp keeps tabs
on casino spending with the reward of cash back guess big brother is on the
cruiseships too.Well, that's ok because i don't care what they learn about me or the
way i play or how much i win or lose as long as i win once in awhile as it's worth it
cuz i am a dam good poker player and lucky enough and smart enough to stay well
ahead of the game.

towel art display

A gorgeous tiled wall near the pool

Lets go to the casino

We ate the strawberries then went back to the Pharoahs Palace for an adult only
hypnotist show which was hilarious. The stuff he had 12 people doing on the
stage such as experiencing hot temperatures which caused
them to remove clothing, also the guys penis'es fell off everytime they
heard a certain word and they had to reattach it while women had orgasms and
some fell in love with the hypnotist.... real or just a lot of easily
suggestible people I don't know but it sure was fun to watch.

We walked a lot today and suntanned a little, ate alot, tonight's dinner for
me was watermelon soup, Thai chicken and a vegetarian dish with lots
of cheese. Bob wasted two plates of prime rib, neither was cooked enough
for his taste; he really needs extra well done and I hope they learn that
about his beef so he doesn't have to keep beefing about it. HAL got him on
the first night but these guys are still  dropping moo'ing meat in front of him
and it grosses me out too knowing how revolting it is to him.
Two of our tablemates eat rare beef and one of them ate it blue and we just
quickly learned to not look, take shallow breaths and they can indulge in
whatever they fancy without comment from us.

For lunch I had a toasted ruben and frozen chocolate yogurt, Bobs diet has
become mainly hamburger, fries, bacon, cookies and tropical fruits from the
snack counters on the pool deck, he doesn't do the foods he considers fancy or
weird such as anything ethnic,with a sauce,cheese, soups or vegetarian and he
will never ever choose a selection from the "did ya" menu. Tablemates often
comment on how fussy he is but really it's simple and he enjoys the choices of
a 13 yr old; plain and simple hamburgers, hot dogs,fries, peanut butter
on plain white bread and an ocassional extra well done steak or roast so he's
actually very easy to feed.

I attended 2 art auctions and came this close - () - to buying a couple of
awesome paintings and for a very good price framed and delivered but
chickened out thinking Bob should see and agree which he didn't and
wouldn't, dammmm! But I got 2 real nice free pieces and free champagne
and it was interesting just relaxing, enjoying the art and people watching.
Clocks go back another hour again so now it's only 10:30p.m. which would be
1:30a.m. back home, technically should be getting more sleep but somehow
it's just not working out that way, bloody early birds!
Our last sea day today; starting tomorrow we'll be stopping every day at
a port on each of 4 islands and 2 whole days on Maui, yee hawww; I can't
hardly wait for Maui!

Pic taken while riding the elevator to the atrium

Another view of the pool

On the serenity deck; all sorts of chairs, loungers, big covered love seats, hammocks...

Art between a couple decks

Towel art #4

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