Monday, March 9, 2015

Feb 12 at sea Mediterranean cruise

The day started out cloudy but by noon it was a beautiful warm sunny day.

After my breakfast of muscelli, waffles with strawberries, banana, raisins and whipped cream (am I a little kid or what?) I went to watch the towel animal making demo.

Later I attended the blow out half price sale of misc. stuff, jewelry,shirts, scarves, watches etc. and scored on 3 bottles of "change colour in the sun" nail polish.

Walked the deck for awhile then went to watch Deal or No Deal, a game I knew nothing about but didn't stay long as the audience was also participating with pre-purchased cards and I hadn't purchased one and didn't understand or even like the game anyhow. I went to watch ice carving but it was already over so listened to a very good singer for awhile.

Then out on the pool deck there arose such a clatter I sprang from my see several chefs preparing enormous vats of Paella, rice with all sorts of seafood and tons of spices so I got in the lineup to have my lunch poolside.
By then it was quite warm and people were sunbathing and enjoying the pool. It was hard to believe that we had just hours ago experienced winter with blowing snow in Istanbul and have already travelled to a different climate zone. Then i started walking and happened upon a talk about to begin about organic herbal medicines and acupuncture so I sat down and listened and learned and yes, made an appointment for a consultation with Jessica to hear if her herbals could do anything for me (yes, of course they can you fool!....ha ha) I went to the buffet looking to see if my friend was back from her spa experience and maybe having lunch but didn't see her so got an ice cream cone and returned to our cabin to try on my new nail polish on our sunny balcony. Yes, it works! Green in the shade and mauve in the sun.

After dinner we attended the best show on any cruise ship on the seas. It was called Elements and was truly awesome with the dancers portraying earth, wind, water and fire. It was magical and scary, the dancers/acrobats were climbing the walls and flying out around the audience as well as in the aisles. Great choreography and costumes, great everything and all done on a rocking ship which is wobbly for the ordinary person to be able to even walk straight. Do see it if it ever comes your way, it's well worth it.

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