Monday, March 2, 2015

Feb. 6, 2015 Katakolon cancelled

Feb. 6, Katakolon, Greece

The weather has been fierce all night with hurricane force winds, rain and 15’ swells. Our ship was rocking and rolling all night and this morning docking at Katakolon was cancelled as water was pouring over top of the pier. This is the tour excursion I missed out on:


“Ruins of the great temple of Zeus was a huge ivory and gold statue that was once considered to be one of the seven wonders of the world. The statue was moved to Constantinople where it was destroyed by fire in 475 A.D. The ruins of the first Olympic Games and the sacred flame began it’s journey here as well.”

Well, I’m sure there was more than that to see but now I’ll never know. Saw more of the Jade today and the Hawaiian décor is everywhere and very opulent and I can see why it remains on the ship even after 6 years of cruising the Mediterranean. It was obviously designed and decorated to stay forever in Hawaii but don’t know for sure what caused it to make the location change. My guess is it wasn’t able to sail the islands with a full ship thereby losing money and so a smaller ship the “Pride of Honolulu” now does duty there.

The weather is cool, windy and raining off and on with some sunny breaks. Had breakfast in the main dining room with a nice couple from London and lunch in the buffet where they do an admirable job of cooking and presentation of what looks like about a million food items. So far I’ve noticed their vegetables and fruits are better than what we get unless buying organic. I eat mostly vegetarian with a little seafood or chicken once in awhile. My friend has ordered chicken and beef that she said tasted different than ours, and ditto eggs, they are even a different colour when cooked which didn’t look appetizing to me at all. They make awesome rice dishes, yayyy for me as I love rice every day. Also a plus is they have a pretty good muscelli for breakfast, maybe not quite as good as HALs but almost and I’ll eat it. Their apple juice is a dark amber colour and very delicious and all baked goods and desserts are great. Nobody goes hungry on the Jade. We returned to our cabin at 4p.m. for “a little nap” and slept for 14 solid hours….our very long travel day and jet lag finally caught up to us.

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Snowbrush said...

My, my, my. I surely do envy you. You paint your impressions so vividly. Thank you.