Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Feb. 20, at sea and still sick

I am still under the weather with teeth chattering chills, fatigue and coughing although the headache is appreciably less painful. I am staying in bed again today to try to recover enough for the trek home in a few days. I ordered pizza from room service and then could eat only two bites. Pat also brings me food; a bowl of muselli for my breakfast, yogurt and a banana, a bowl of soup, bunch of herbal tea bags and lemon slices so I can make lemon tea or to flavor my water. I am so lucky and grateful to have her looking after me. I believe I'm in the best possible place to be under the circumstances. All I need is within inches of my bed, the phone with one touch number to the ships Dr., room service delivery is fast and free, our cabin attendant Kadek is easy to reach for an extra duvet or towels, laundry or anything from housekeeping. The tv and fridge are right in front of my bed, the bthrm two or three steps away. I am comforted by the ships rocking and watching the sea and sky pass by on the port side and the view straight ahead of the ship via the tv. To even consider departing the ship early and flying home would be folly. It is much better that I rest in my peaceful sanctuary and regain as much strength as I can before attempting the arduous trip home starting with a 6a.m. bus trip to Rome, 3 hour flight to London and 9 hour flight to Vancouver plus all the waiting time in between. I know a few more days of rest will pay off, even the packing after three weeks will be a big job.  I'm just taking it easy, listening to the announcements over the p.a. and sleeping. I am warm and in a comfortable safe place onboard Jade with time to recover from this nasty thing called pneumonia.

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