Sunday, March 15, 2015

Feb. 18, Barcelona, Spain

"Spain's largest port and second largest city with a pop. of1.6 million or 4.5 million in the out lying areas. The historic heart is the gothic quarter which is a labyrinth of narrow winding streets. Barcelona is a fascinating mix of modern and medieval architecture. Modern art thrives in Barcelona and is considered to be the cultural center of Spain. The artist Gaudi grew up and painted here and Christopher Columbus was born nearby.
A taxi to the city center might be about 30 minutes and cost 30 Euros. Or look for the bus Turiste which goes to the main attractions of Las Ramblas, La Sagrada Familia which looks awesome, Palau Guell, Casa Milan and Casa Battlo. Stroll through the Gothic Quarter and along the most famous site of Las Ramblas, Pare Guell and Pare Ciutadella which is within walking distance of the port and Montjuic. Go to the Columbus Monument at Las Ramblas which is 200 ft. tall and take the elevator to the top for the best views of the city"

So much to see and do and here I sit in my pj's with my hair like a rats nest. I feel like I haven't slept in days but of course I have. I am so weak but my brain tells me to have a shower and wash my hair, get dressed and get back into cruise mode because soon it will be over. But this pneumonia thing has really taken me for a shit kicking and I feel exhausted.
Pat brought me my favorite breakfast this morning and I did eat some. She has been a great friend and amazing nurse/babysitter for me but today she must continue living her cruise life without me. She has left the ship today to see what she can find in the beautiful city of Barcelona. I will hold down the fort in my "Do Not Disturb" cabin and take pictures of anything of interest from the balcony.

This is our crew doing their lifeboat drill. A ships crew never rests it seems, they are always working even though most of the passengers have gone ashore and don't know that they keep on their toes even when they are not around. The crew is totally dedicated to the safety of the passengers on this ship and it's very comforting to know how hard they work to keep us safe.
We have received an invitation from Amour and her hubby to join them in the Teppanyaki restaurant for their anniversary dinner tonight. While I really want to go I don't think I can make it because it's quite a long walk and as well I'm still having bouts of coughing spells. I'm going to have to send my regrets, sadly and spend my time trying to open my bottle of child proof cough medicine.

 The Jade chapel
The Freestyle Daily

 Grandi Navi Veloci
 high on the hill

 Jade lifeboat practice
 Looks like a class outing on the Far De Formentera
 Nice sky tram
 ohhh, there's two sky trams to the tower
 A service boat comes alongside Jade
 Maybe we're getting fuel or other supplies

Just thought I'd throw in some street art and yarn bombing pics from one of the most thriving art communities of the world; Barcelona. I hope you enjoy.

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