Friday, March 13, 2015

Feb. 16,part 2 Aix, Cannes and Nice Part 2 Continued Cannes and Nice

The Splendid Hotel

 Monument to General DeGaulle

 McD's French menu

 Hotel Gray D'Albion
 Le 7c Art shop
 On the Rue Jean de Riouffe

 Negresso Hotel

Sit and watch the race

 I want on this bus!

 Very odd modern office building

 The office workers can see out but we can't see in

 Regina Hotel
 Avenue du Monastere

 Chamber of Commerse
 Etoile de L'opera
 Boutique Opera
 Gueule D'Amore
 Nice old books
 Art for sale
 Little cars, not old
 Pat's lunch
 Nice home with waterfall from infinity pool
 Zigzag path up to there

The sea was choppy but nothing too bad going on the tender....we saw all of the above except Monaco not knowing that it had been excluded from our itinerary and 8 hours later with our knees crippled from smashing them into the seat in front of us on a bus with too many seats we were still expecting to go around a corner and see Monaco before us but it didn't happen. Instead the bus pulled up to the pier where our ship lay anchored out in the bay and then we got on the lifeboat and rode back to the ship. It was the tender from hell and while I'm not easily frightened I was scared on this ride even though I know the lifeboats are unsinkable. The rage and the power of the ocean is awesome and something to behold but still scary as hell when you can't see the sky, just a furious tall wall of churning water coming violently at you. So, yes I was scared and it's not just riding the enormous swells high above you but getting on and off the tender that can be tricky and worrisome with the sea churning below. However, my exit turned out to be perfectly timed thanks to a well experienced crew.
I was strong and healthy when we left this morning but somewhere along the line I picked up a cold or something; coughing, eyes watering, difficulty breathing and a fierce headache. I am miserable and upset but still glad to have gone and experienced Cannes and Nice with views of the Swiss Alps. We saw the hospital where Brad and Angelina's twins were born, we were able to shop at the flea market that takes place on the street once a week in lieu of the flower market and I bought the cutest little music boxes.
We had a nice lunch in an Irish Pub as well. It wasn't Monaco but we got pretty close and that was a good thing.....I guess...


Linda G. said...

Monaco...another missed opportunity. The ocean did sound scary, though, as you described it at end of your day's tour.

Lorraina said...

Well, I don't think of it as a missed opportunity; more like an unavailable opportunity and the tour bus company did fulfill their end of it. The weather caused us to not be able to dock or tender to Monaco where we would have walked around on our own before boarding the bus to go to Aix, Cannes and Nice. There was no other way of making it happen; we were all in the same boat.