Sunday, March 1, 2015

Feb. 5, 2015. At sea

We are at sea all day today so a great opportunity to discover what makes our beautiful Jade ship and this area unique. To start with the weather….it was much the same as Vancouver despite the Italian landscape which included tropical plants and even cacti. I believe it was 9º Celsius in Vancouver and in Rome and pouring rain in both.

We walked around maybe a quarter of the ship, shopped a little, played awhile in the casino and then it was time to eat again! We had lunch in the Garden Café and then walked to the bow of the ship to watch a dance class and then played Bingo. The room is called Spinnakers Lounge and it's similar to the Crowsnest on the HAL ships I’ve been on but larger with lots of floor to ceiling windows. The Bingo prizes were cash with t shirts and souvenirs which we didn’t win. Later we went back to play for the special prize of an upgrade to a suite…..that was worth quite a bit more than what we paid for our balcony room so a very, very lucrative prize. The gal who won it was alone, her hubby was napping in their room. What a nice surprise he got when she phoned to tell him to start packing again! (a suite comes with 2 bedrooms, walk in closet, huge rain shower, separate living room, wrap around corner windows, a butler, hot tub etc.) and a few more perks including room stewards to help them move….nice eh! But just as well cuz we wouldn’t even know what to do with the butler, lol!

Ah well, enjoying the Tyrrhenian Sea on our sail by Sicily on the way past the Ionian Sea on our way to Katakolon, Greece. Life is good!

Art in the gallery

 Sushi and Jasmine Garden restaurant

 nice soft benches to rest on going down the straight stretch

 to the casino
 didn't see anyone playing these monstrosities

 ohhh, there's my machines, yippee yippee

 played some but got nothing but a headache, the area wreeks of smoke

 ahh, now this is healthier

 Dance class in progress

 and then BINGO!
 back to casino, oops

 The Ionian Sea

Good night

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Linda Gross said...

I thought the room you were staying in was posh, at least for a ship. The suite sounds extraordinary! Beautiful sunset.