Monday, March 16, 2015

Feb. 19, Valencia, Spain

"The architecture of this beautiful city ranges from ancient Roman works to Santiago Calatrava's cutting edge City of Arts and Sciences. Take a panoramic drive around the city making a photo stop at the impressive City of Arts and Science's located in the old river bed and built as a large scale urban recreation center for culture and science. It showcases some of the most futuristic and beautiful architecture in the world. See the heart of the city as you pass Plaza de la Reina, the historical center. Here you'll find the more significant monuments and buildings, an important collection of the city's rich heritage. You'll have some free time in the city center to explore further, shop or taste some of the local specialties. A drive along the sea front promenade offers views of the America's Cup Marina."
That's the tour excursion I was supposed to go on but again couldn't gather the strength to get out of bed. Pat went and her pictures show a lovely colorful clean city with lots of parks and interesting things. And here I am sick with pneumonia and a cold and coughing until I'm too weak to even know or care what's going on.

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