Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Feb. 21 Cagliari, Italy

Easy Cagliari and taste of Sardinia

"See the highlights of Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia from the comfort of your motorcoach. The city dates back to prehistoric times and has been dominated by various peoples through the ages. Drive through the modern part of Cagliari, the marina district with it's liberty style villas. Stop in front of the Bascilica of Bonaria for an outside view and explanation of the history of the church. Reach the panoramic viewpoint of Monte Urpino to admire the views of the ancient part of Cagliari and the coastline. Drive along Poetta Beach to reach the beach of Mare Pintau where you'll have a brief stop for photos. Near the Monlentargius Salt ponds you might have the opportunity to see flamingoes. Enjoy a typical and tasty Sardinia snack accompanied by wine at a local restaurant followed by some free time."

I did so want to go on the tour today but had to cancel once again. Pats pics of Cagliari show it to be not as colorful or as neat and clean as Barcelona and Valencia but still very interesting to see. She saw flamingoes in the wild, some with babies who have short legs and bits of the typical pink showing on their heads and tails. They turn pinker as they grow due to eating shrimp. Isn't that amazing!

The high speed boat that came and parked alongside of us today is a ferry. We don't know where it goes but it only goes once a day.
Well, I revived somewhat today and was able to get myself up for the lunch buffet but then went straight back to the cabin for a nap. Later we went to the Grand Pacific dining room for dinner. I ate corn on the cob, Moroccan couscous, salad and puff pastries. I was then fortified enough to walk to the internet café to complain about my WiFi remaining minutes reading zero. (I am always well enough to complain)The techie gave it back easily so that was a relief and proved to me it's a known issue. It was nice to be out and about a little but didn't want to overdo so that was all I did. We have now departed Cagliari and will be at sea for the next 36 hours or thereabouts.

 The highspeed ferry

 from my sick bed
 Kadek our room attendant with his awesome towel monkey.


Linda Gross said...

I have caught up in my reading. I am sorry that you came down with pneumonia on this trip. It does sound like you were in as good a place as any, aboard the Jade.

Lorraina said...

Thanks Linda, yes I do believe there was nowhere better to be in those first few days than where I was. Glad I stuck it out and got a little energy back instead of flying out while still so ill.