Friday, December 8, 2017

Willy sighting

I was notified that my $20. bill has been registered once again in Ontario. It's been about 13 months since it was listed and i thought maybe it had become worn and old and had gone out of circulation by now. God knows how many weird $20's i get on my casino visits. There's always several that my slot machine doesn't want to accept and i have to keep trying by putting it into the slot backwards, upside down and every which way. Sometimes it's the machine that's tempermental and so i try it 5 or 6 times or more and suddenly wham, it goes and i can enjoy my game. Other times i stick it into my purse and try a different $20. Otherwise inject it into the machine on either side of me (providing that no one is playing it, lol) and if it registers simply cash out the $20. ticket and tickets are accepted on the first try on every machine. But occasionally the nearby machines won't accept a 20. and so it goes back into my purse and i keep trying a different one until one goes. It's quite a weird thing and exasperating as the bills themselves all appear to be good, clean, no folds, crimps, rips or anything. My casino of choice is notorious for the machines not accepting the money and knowing this i've gotten into the habit of collecting a stash of cash tickets if i happen to find a machine that takes the moola easily and soon my wealth is all in tickets and a visit to the ticking breaking machine or the cashier is necessary if I don't want to play anymore. It's easy to know when to not play anymore and just as easy to know when to keep playing obviously.

In any case I was surprised to hear that my Willy won in a play date at the Hard Rock casino 7 years ago is still alive and well. I hope it keeps making the rounds and comes back to B.C. soon. Meanwhile i'll go with high hopes of a windfall tonight all because my lucky Willy has been sighted!

Good luck to you too!