Saturday, March 23, 2019

Lunch with Jen, Sam and my 3 great grandkids

We sat in our regular booth at Boston Pizza and got all caught up with our lives. Hailey, Emily and Huxton have grown again! Huxton is almost one already and his mom Samantha will be going back to work the very next day as her year of maternity leave will be over. Sam is a nurse in the local hospital there in Langley.  Isn't she pretty and isn't Huxton adorable too? He is such a happy easy going and well natured boy.

This is my grand daughters Jennifer and Samantha

I wasn't surprized when Hailey ordered her usual chicken strips and fries once again. She has never wavered on that order since she was about a year old. Hailey is now 6 and attends grade one. Just look at her colouring…..nothing went outside of the lines! She def. takes after her great grandma!

Emily has grown so much and she is the picture of her mom and sister

The girls are both excited because they will be flying off tomorrow for some fun in the Maui sun.

Until we lunch again.....