Wednesday, March 31, 2010

English is a crazy and fun language

There's no egg in eggplant nor ham in hamburger.
English muffins wern't invented in England or french fries in France.
Sweetmeats are candies while sweetbreads, which aren't sweet, are meat.

The English language and all its mysteries and are such things possible? If i came here fresh from Pandora or other far away land i don't think i could ever learn it.  I've always lived here and spoken it but still don't know it as well as some. Then writing and 2 finger typing it is yet another thing. We won't even get into pronounciation, differences between Canadian/American and British nor meanings in different parts of the world, etc. but then again, maybe we will!

I wonder about things such as when the baby of english speaking parents starts to speak and he says "ma ma" or "da da", what does a Chinese, Russian or Dutch baby say? 
Or Swedish or Japanese, lol.
It seems to me that ma ma and da da must be the universal baby language, is it not?  Or does he say "ju ju" or whatever to start speaking the language of his parents? (excuse me if "ju ju" is a bad word somewhere) Also excuse me for mis-spellings, if i use apostrophies, commas, brackets etc. wrongly such as for a period,

I've spent days surfing around after finding my first word blog and it made me feel, well, happy! I had no idea of how many of these types of blogs even existed until i started looking for them. Most are really humorous and all are very real.  I've probably seen only a few but enjoy this sort of thing so well that i'll keep looking, reading, and maybe even learning.  Despite my limited education my english isn't purfek and neither is my spellink.

How are things like these possible?

The bandage was wound around the wound.

The farm was used to produce produce.

The dump was so full that it had to refuse more refuse.

We must polish the Polish furniture.

He could lead if he would get the lead out.

The soldier decided to desert his dessert in the desert.

Since there's no time like the present, he thought it was time to present the present.

A bass was painted on the head of the bass drum.

I did not object to the object.

The insurance was invalid to the invalid.

There was a row amongst the oarsmen about how to row.

They were too close to the door to close it.

The buck does funny things when the does are present.

A steamstress and a sewer fell down into a sewer line.

To help with planting the farmer taught his sow to sow.

The wind was too strong to wind the sail.

Upon seeing a tear in the painting, i shed a tear.

I had to subject the subject to a series of tests.

How can i intimate this to my most intimate friend?

Here's some of my favourites and each have links to more fun.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pavel's all bunged up again

This is likely the least likely title and blog entry ever. Pavel is my 14 year old cat and he is the love of dh's and my life. Pavel's constipation is heavy on my mind and i need to talk about it and the events surrounding it.  We've had two other Siamese's in the past; they however were allowed out whenever they wanted and neither ever was constipated (that i knew of) One lived to a ripe old 19 and the other was killed by a car at age 10. When we got Pavel we agreed that he would be strictly a house cat.

Not saying he's never been outside though.  When he was young i trained him to walk on a leash and we'd go for walks, not far, just in our own backyard. And while i worked in the greenhouse his leash would be attached to a rod in the garden which enabled him to romp freely around in a large circle.
Now, if we would have kept up his visits with nature he might not have the constipation problem that he has now developed.
Too late we learned that constipation is typical with the Siamese breed. No regrets though; we'd still have him and love him anyway.

However its a hard thing to see your precious little baby in pain and so you do whatever you can to help relieve his agony. And then when theres nothing more you can do its off to the dreaded veterinarian clinic and all its horrors dishonesties and unknown factors. This time it was a brand new clinic with a brand new vet....and no recomendations from anyone....

Our old vet had retired and i didn't like the way the place was being run without him there. Last year we took him to a new place where the vets seemed nice enough, and they managed to remove some  old feces without putting him under a general anesthetic. Then their bill came and it was four times more than we expected and all i could think was dammed vets! they always do this. They insist on shots, or boosters, blood tests and x-rays, medicine and special food.  $800. later we're walking out with our cat relieved of a turd or two,  not knowing if the constipation will continue. What if he won't eat their special diet food or their meds? One of the things they sold me was a 2 oz. bottle of lactulose for $30. I asked at the safeway pharmacy for lactulose and they offered me a full litre for $10.
If theres one thing i cant stand its getting ripped off and that was a doozy. Never going to trust that vet again.

And of course Pavel hated their stupid food and he hated the meds as well.And he hated us for trying to make him eat them and he grew suspicious of us when we went to pick him up. So we carried on by trying some home remedies like pumpkin, molasses, metamucil etc which he wouldn't swallow. I did get various oils into him but he hated them and the food and therefore was still all bunged up.

So yesterday was new vet day. Travelling day is horrid for a cat to put it lightly; lots of purple tongue, panting and crying.So we get there and the receptionist greeted us with "we never try to make you pay more that is needed; our rates are very low. We are here because we love animals and will never over charge, you can trust us completely"

I felt relieved but suspicious. You know the old "she doth protested too much"

So they needed fresh xrays which we agreed to.  Then for the anesthetic and procedure but said no to the blood tests. We bought the food they wanted to sell us and some $12. laxative in a tube which smells like pure molasses, which it probably is available for $1.  Then they sent us away for 3 hours before we could come back and get our baby.

We were shocked to find him still asleep and icey cold upon our return. They said that was normal....? We brought him home and i took him to bed immediately wrapped in his Snuggie as well as a down quilt and i held him close but he remained cold for 12 hours or more after that.  Dh was also doing relay runs to the dryer with blankets which he heated and brought up to place under Pavel, but nothing seemed to warm him up.

We all fell asleep from exhaustion and in the morning he was a little more alert and a little more warm, praise the Lord. Now tonight hes feeling 100% better but still refusing food and water.  I don't know what to do about that except force feed and water him and we very messily did.

Meanwhile i was looking over the vets bill while i had a coffee and guess what.  They overcharged us by $30. and change. So $30. isn't that much, but its a place we'll never do business with again; if they'll gyp you in money what other ways do they gyp you?

It just makes you lose faith in people when this happens and it seems to happen to us a lot. A so called "friend" installed new flooring in our basement and i just happened to check over his bill - he was $100. his favour of course.  Could have been honest mistakes but really, these are professional people. I've also noticed any mistakes are never in our favour!

I suspect, but have no proof of this but i think Pavel wasn't even treated at that vets office. I think they took him to another location in a cold vehicle and he was returned via the back door just as we got there.
Maybe i'm an overbearing, suspicious, untrusting mom but i sensed something was going on at that clinic and it was more than simply their overcharging us. I'm going to confront them re our bill but can't very well ask anything about did they send Pavel out to another location because i dont know why they would do that and i can't make any sense of it. But it bothers me mightily. Your cat is like your kid - you take your kid to school and as far as you know hes safely there in that school all day.  But what if one day you found out somehow they had transported him to a different location for the day without you knowing.  Well, i'd be livid!  I am livid.

Sorry for yet another longggg post. Just had to rant. Now i'll climb in bed with the poor little bugger and croon sweet nothings in his ear and cuddle him all night.  Hopefully my loving will loosen him up!

Friday, March 12, 2010

I have good taste!

Some of my readers know that i've had a terrible, embarrassing and confusing problem for a few weeks now.  Just wanted to let ya'll know it has been diagnosed and it's a legitimate thing, with a name! Yayyy, it has a name! That part made me happy because i was feeling quite stupid about it and the fact that many searches to google didn't turn up a thing. I thought i was the only one!

Well, that was because i didn't know exactly what to search for. So my Dr. finally came back from holiday and she knew and understood! She explained some, which i promptly forgot, but the name she gave me to google did give me answers.

The Olfactory Nerve.  No not the old factory lol!.........although thats where i do come from. 
This from

There are in fact, numerous neural segments which in turn create the sensory pathway of olfaction. It begins with the unmyelinated axons of the olfactory cells, which conjoin to create the olfactory nerves. The olfactory nerves travel along, through the foramina of the cribriform plate where they finally come to and end in the olfactory bulbs, which are created by grey and white matter.

OK there it is - created by my grey and white matter. Yes, i do have lots of that. And pink and blue stars and purple stuff too.

Well, i dunno what that all means but in english it's the sense of smell. Smell is connected to the taste buds and it looks like mine have been over-reacting, actually causing "supertaste" It seems that most people who get this cannot tolerate green tea, spinach, and coffee which however, i can. 

So, maybe thats why i gagged when i removed the lid from the bucket of KFC a few weeks ago. It was horrid until the hubster, daughter and grandson proceeded to gobble that chicken up like there was no tomorrow. Later, all my adventures with chicken went the same way and then it happened again one day when dh cut an onion in half - the smell was sooo bad and the hamburger he was going to put it on smelled worse than gross. At the movies the smell of popcorn seemed unusual but i bought some anyway and then couldn't eat it.

Eggs - omg! i threw them out and bought a new doz. which smelled as bad. So we ordered pizza which turned out to be a bad idea for me but our resident crow family feasted.  Then they got my ham sandwich. I quickly learned that on my weekly visit to the casino i have to stay away from the area where the food court is located as the smell there that i used to love is now overwhelming.

Meanwhile i'm sure everyone thought i was nuts; hell, i thought i was nuts.

Speaking of nuts that was another thing i tried but couldn't eat. And it went on and on and on.....and i was getting really hungry and the only thing that was more or less agreeable were vegetables. So i announced i was going to become a vegan. And then everyone laughed.  It was awful.

Eventually i realized i could still eat cookies and cake, thank you God!  Everyone thought i was back to normal. By this time my mal-functioning also included dairy yet i was craving for creamed soups. For some strange reason thats what i missed the most.  But now, just typing ice cream and yogurt almost made me sick.

So what is the cause of all this? 

Something in my sensory system has gone awry and one reason could be pain from the arthritis in my back.  Also could be an auto-immune disease which apparently if you get one, you're more open to getting others and theres tons of them.  Arthritis is one and i also have primary biliary cirrhosis, an auto-immune liver disease so i believe thats possibly what's responsible.

The main receptors of taste are sweet, sour, salty and bitter. Then theres a whole raft of others inc. a receptor that detects amino acids which are commonly found in meats and artificial flavourings. That partially explains it but the auto-immune thing speaks to it better in my case.

In my reading i saw another thing, something called "phantom odour" and that could explain why i sometimes smell a skunk in the middle of the night while nobody else does. Thats been going on for a couple years now.

And finally - the good news. This disturbing and noxious affliction is known to just arrive and then disappear after a while.....could be up to a year. Apparently these olfactory nerve receptors die and regenerate regularily, so i'm hoping they will die soon and simply not come back. My "old factory" can't take much more of this! On the bright side maybe if i leave the cookies and cake out of it i'll lose some tonnage before it leaves.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Big Love

Ok nobody here watches Lost but what about Big Love?  This show has been so entertaining if you watched it from the beginning and know the characters. 
Theres Bill and his wife Barb, and their wife Margene, and their other wife Nikki, an assortment of children, their hardware store and casino, and Margies got a business now, the older kids are making their way through life, and Barbs always working to make things better but the casino is getting into trouble (drugs) and Nikki wants to have another baby, and Ana and her boyfriend are still there because shes pregnant, and Bill has won the senators seat and made the Big Announcement that they're polygamists and the disbelievers walked out.
Elsewhere some people who were up to no good died while others came through their problems and well, i'm just not ready to let them go, certainly not as in going, going, gone, and left forever! 
But it looked like it was set up to be the final ending of the show. Too much happened....too much info given and the end looked like the family will survive..... of course they will.....and with a stronger, smarter tougher Barb, but i'm not ready yet to see them end as in final ending which is what i'm afraid it might have been all about.
I hope it was just another exciting season ender and they'll be back again in the fall or whenever......
Heres the Big-Love site
Please let me know if you are a fan.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

LOST and back to our regular programming....

Lost.....any fans here?  I was hooked from the beginning when the plane crashed into the island. This season has already made me feel lost with all it's complications but i thoroughly enjoy it anyhow. Some of the themes and characters are so good, so memorable, i know i'm going to miss it when it ends. Except maybe i'll think its the beginning....or a flashback or a flashforward or a flash sideways or something....
Don'cha just love Sayid and Sawyer and Kate; speaking of Kate, boy has she ever changed her body shape; she looks so muscular now.
I joined an online group with other losties figuring things out. It makes it even more interesting to read their theories and point of view (the truth is i wouldn't know what was going on if not for them) I found this pic and thought it was hilarious. Let me know what you think.

Monday, March 1, 2010


These games leave many legacies. I wish for the opportunity to be available for every child to play a sport  -  Jacques Rogge


The closing ceremony

A clown appeared showing our sense of humour about the flame malfunction in the opening ceremony.
Katriona LeMay Doan finally got her chance to light the cauldren and then 1000 grade 9 students sang and danced with their snowboards.
Our First Nations chiefs entered and they were thanked for the use of their lands.
Oh Canada was sung and Joannie Rochette led the flagbearers into the stadium.
The 2600 athletes arrive still full of energy after 17 days, they were seated and the party began.

Thanks was given to the tireless 2400 people who were chosen to act as volunteers.
The national anthem of Greece was sung by Ariana Gris and the Olympic anthem by Ben Hepner as the mounties carried the flag out.

Jacques Rogge, the president of the I.O.C. passed the flag on to the mayor Vancouver, Gregor Robertson who then passed it on to the mayor of Sochi, Russia. Sochi is a smallish city of 400,000 with a setting very much like Vancouver.
A choir then sang the national anthem of Russia and the mayor then invited all to come to Sochi for the games in 2014

John Furlong said goodbye to the Canada that was and to the new Canada that has been lifted up.

Its true, we have been lifted up.  Mr. Furlong said "now the world knows us, eh!"....or was that Jacques.....
One of them said "the agony and the ecstacy has been felt by us all. These games will leave many legacies and i wish the opportunity is available for every child to play a sport"

The Premier of British Columbia, Gordie Campbell wearing his red mittens waved his flag and Prime Minister Harper cheered.

Merci bien to you too John Furlong and Jacques Rogge declared the 21st Games closed.

Neil Young sang "Long may you run" as the flames went out and the snow began to fall.

William Shatner then came out with a background of things that make Canada unique, even quirky, like Canada geese. Bill spoke of his pride of Canada and he said he wishes all to dream big. He added a couple million to the pop. when he said we have 35 million.

Catherine O Hara "curled" out and said she was sorry.  She was so funny...

Michael J. Fox said team Canada was still his home team. Mike puts bacon on his poutine and he adopted all people as Canadians.

Michael Buble as an RCMP sang The Maple Leaf Forever as oversized cops, giant bears, moose, lumberjacks and enormous hockey players danced around with a little boy dressed as a puck. It was very Canadian.

Nickelback sang and the crowd was a hoppin' and then Avril Levigne brought it up a notch when she sang Happy Ending and I want to be your Girlfriend.

Alanna Morisette sang Wunderkind
Simple Plan sang Your love is a lie
Hedley sang Cha Ching
Marie Mai sang something in french, i missed the name of it
and finally K-OS sang Eye Know Something

Then giant balloons and fireworks and it was over. Now the clean up and in 2 weeks the Para-Olympics will begin.

Katriona LeMay Doan

I believe in the power of you and i

Just a few memories

Theres just so much to say and so much to see of the 2010 Olympics closing day.  I'll try to put some of my memories in little bits....some things may be wrong so don't quote me please.

Sidney Crosby got one goal during the games
Sidney was born in Coal Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada, population about 600
He didn't see the puck go in.
Assist from Jarome Iginla
The Zak attack.
Pronger and Neidelmier
Our troops in Khandahar were able to watch the game
Brothers in arms but not on the ice.
Canada gold, U.S. silver, Finland bronze.
A Canadian girls broken ski pole, a Norwegian coach lends her his pole.
We sent a thank you note along with a gift of maple syrup;
5 tons of it.

Canada is the winningest country in the history of the Olympic games, 14  gold medals at home.
 Spontaneous outbreaks of the singing of Oh Canada on the buses and skytrains
The painted faces.
Everyone who owned a hockey jersey wore it.
The red mittens.
The moose sweaters like those of that my dearly departed aunty Elsie used to knit.
Royalty and celebrities came and were just one of us.

The magic that fell over the land when the flame came. A human chain of 12,000 carried it from coast to coast and we all fell under its spell.
Then a horrible crash and the tragic death of a Georgian luger named Nodar Kumaritashvili.
We were sad and questioned what it was all about and if it was worth it.
And then we pulled our socks up and 33 million Canadians made their way through it together. R.I.P. Nodar

The *Golden* goal

Youtube has disabled the  video so please go here to watch the highlights, 2 1/2 mins. long

The score was Canada 2 -U.S. 1 with just 24 seconds to go in the game and we were ecstatic. Then the unthinkable happened and suddenly it was 2-2 !  OMG! What happened? We were stunned! This can't be. But it was true and we went into OT.  and all of a sudden we were not so sure of ourselves anymore. What a terrible sinking feeling as the OT period started. It was anybodys game.....then something magical,
the golden moment happened. The announcer said "Crosby can't butt in"  then "Crosbys got it again"  and then finally "He scores.....SIDNEYYYYY CROSBYYYYY"
We'll happily hear those famous words again a million times. It was sheer magic!

Sid the kid gets a high five from the pres. of the IOC

Roberto gets his gold metal; the 14th gold for Canada