Monday, March 1, 2010

The *Golden* goal

Youtube has disabled the  video so please go here to watch the highlights, 2 1/2 mins. long

The score was Canada 2 -U.S. 1 with just 24 seconds to go in the game and we were ecstatic. Then the unthinkable happened and suddenly it was 2-2 !  OMG! What happened? We were stunned! This can't be. But it was true and we went into OT.  and all of a sudden we were not so sure of ourselves anymore. What a terrible sinking feeling as the OT period started. It was anybodys game.....then something magical,
the golden moment happened. The announcer said "Crosby can't butt in"  then "Crosbys got it again"  and then finally "He scores.....SIDNEYYYYY CROSBYYYYY"
We'll happily hear those famous words again a million times. It was sheer magic!

Sid the kid gets a high five from the pres. of the IOC

Roberto gets his gold metal; the 14th gold for Canada



Lalala said...

That was a great game. Congratulations my Canadian friend.

Lorraina said...

Thanks Lalala i'm so happy and so full of emotion from the past 2 weeks. The whole thing went off so well and winning that game was so magical.