Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My mom and her sisters

It's a tattered old picture and i tried to colour it up a bit, don't know if i made it better or worse but i'll tackle it again when i have more PS experience.
Mom is the shorty in the middle and they are standing in order of age youngest to oldest. Left to right Shari; Dayle; Edith; Linnea and Leona

Mom is about 20 in this pic. Nobody knows who the child
is so we think maybe mom was babysitting. The original pic
is in front of a licenced premises, probably the Yahk Hotel. 
Funny place to pose for a picture but it probably was the most impressive building in town back then. Well, still is....i've been to Yahk and back...
I placed them in front of a farmhouse and should have put mountains or at least trees in the distance but sometimes Photoshop dosn't co-operate.
So, a slightly sloping house it'll be for now.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Took my brother home part 10

entering Hope again as our big circle started here. Now i'll get the scenery on the opposite side
The jagged peak is Mt. Slesse which is 8002' tall. Its a cemetery since a plane crashed into it in 1956 killing all 62 souls on board. 
It can be breath taking but also can look rather ominous.
For some reason i dream of it occasionally.
back into the Fraser Valley
This is our exit. I feel happy and relieved that we successfully and respectfully took Leonard home.
My bro is scattered hither and yon in a dozen beautiful mountain locations. R.I.P. Len.

And look who was waiting and so happy to see us


Took my brother home part 9

entering the Nicola Valley
yay! Elvis sighting! side of the restaurant where we had breakfast

Took my brother home part 8

Near Revelstoke
The terrain is gradually smoothing out  now
Starting to look like Kamloops; dry, tumbleweeds, hot in summer, cold in winter
Doo Dads
Entering one of many parts of B.C. thats been plagued by wildfires and pine beetles.
This is the culprit; about the size of a grain of rice
and most damage is done by the larva introducing a fungus into the trees blocking the flow of water to the tree.
Red indicates how wide spread this bugger is, and the info i found is 4 yrs old. The pine beetles life span is a year and the damage dosn't show up until the following summer when the red foliage appears and by then the wood is blue and unusable for most purposes. Within 3 or 4 yrs the tree loses all its foliage and its life.
The only thing that stops it is high winds or -40ÂșC for a prolonged time.
Most of the wood is destroyed with a just small amount being useful as a novelty wood. The wood is a bluish colour.