Monday, July 19, 2010

Took my brother home part 2

Copper Mt. i think
another slide. Don't know how old it is
entering fruit and wine country
knowing that mountains slide i wonder why people live in its path
and knowing that mountains slide i wonder why people stop at the fruit stands
cherries, thats why!
and salt water taffy
and blueberries
and nuts for us nuts
not sure if this was the June 13th 2010 slide that wiped out a few orchards
the water here was such an unusual turquoise
a nice spot to sit and eat cherries
part way up Anarchist Mt.

a little higher up
Theres a lot of these animals on the summit. It's strange because theres really nothing else there but these outcroppings of animals.
oh. i guess its real estate. In the middle of nowhere....
well, theres a street name....
oh. yeah. Real estate i guess.
omgosh i think i saw a sasquatch out of the corner of my eye.
Lean back a little hon so i can get the mountain. Wait. Now i get it, duh.
Mountain.   Skiing.   Winter.
Ohhh OK,  that was just the road and advertising of another ski resort.  
No wonder we were all alone up there. It's probably busier in the winter than it is in the summer although i don't think i'd want to drive that steep switchback road in the winter....

OK theres Mt. Baldy in the distance. Climbing it as a teenager was one of the highlights of Leonards life and part of him will forever stay here now.  Baldy also hosts a ski resort now. 

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