Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Took my brother home part 5

Parking near the Platzl

Uptown is now a Bavarian themed pedestrian retail area. The store by it used to be Freds Place which was my source of jaw breakers 3 for a penny, 2 cent Double Bubble gum 5 cents for a big bag of sunflower seeds, 10 cent pop and and Little Lulu comics. My dentists office was on the second floor and the dentist would give me 10 cents for co-operating on a quiet filling.
Pic is taken from aprox location of the old Hudsons Bay Dept. store, now Fields i think. The outdoor stage hosts entertainment like community choirs, rock &roll, country, bluegrass, jazz etc and we were just in time to hear opera.

The Gashaus used to be The Grill Cafe, a popular teen hangout

A pigeon? in Kimberley? Maybe it's not real.

The largest free standing cuckoo clock in the world.  Happy Hans used to come out on the hour; now he'll come out yodeling anytime if you feed him a quarter.

No pics allowed in the museum but i got this one before i knew.

Not a great view from the North Star ski hill parking lot. Unfortunately the lift wasn't working the day we were there and construction was going on all over the place.
Amazing mind boggling growth has happened here and theres homes and condos galore now in several separate locations, almost all the way down to my old house. 

My childhood home seems so small now! All the old family homes there are tiny yet huge families grew up in them; most with just 1 bthrm. Eight people including 5 kids lived in our house and I don't remember the size ever being a problem.
The view from my house
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