Saturday, March 24, 2018

Rainy day visit with Jen, Hailey and Emily

It was a cold rainy day I met my granddaughter Jennifer and her two kiddos, my great granddaughters at Boston pizza. It was literally pouring when we arrived but we were warm and dry in our usual booth. The girls had pictures to colour and exciting things to tell me; they were going on a cruise! Hailey then asked her mom if they were going to be fishing when they were on the boat and I had the pleasure of telling her that no, they weren't going to be fishing, they'd be playing, dressing up, enjoying the pool, making new friends, having fun and even sleeping on the biggest boat she had ever seen. I think I did correct her eventually to say it was a ship, not a boat. I'm thrilled that they'll have this awesome experience with their parents and grand parents, aunt, uncle and cousins and I can't wait to hear all about it.

Emily has grown so much, she is 2 now. She had been drinking chocolate milk as you can tell.

Hailey had been experiencing an ear ache and really didn't feel very well. She ordered her usual chicken strips, fries and ice cream and did eat a little but most went home in a doggy bag. Can you believe Hailey is 5 already and she attends kindergarten now.

Jennifer is doing an awesome job of looking after her family, home and dog all the while holding down her other job of teaching school full time with 28 students in her class.

Bon voyage, have a great time, and enjoy your well deserved trip! We'll catch up over lunch at BP when you return.