Friday, December 30, 2016

Lunch with Jen, Hailey and Emily

It was a miserable cold, windy, dark, rainy day outside but we had a nice warm visit in the very busy but cozy Boston Pizza. Emily has grown so much and is now walking. Hailey has given up gymnastics but still loves her dance lessons just as her mom did. Santa had paid them a visit and Hailey was doing awesome things with her new computer while Emily enjoyed her little fairy tale character dolls and animals and they both did a little colouring on the pages provided by the restaurant. Hailey ordered chicken strips and fries for her lunch and ice cream for desert as she always does while Emily ate Cheerios and other little snacks provided by her mommy. They're all looking forward to their holiday in Mexico during spring break.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A storm, a tree and a greenhouse meet

Last Friday a storm passed though the Vancouver area; we had been warned for days before hand. It didn't seem like that big of a deal: a little rain, a howling wind and then quiet and i thought it was over. Then sudden strong gusts started and that's the part we were not used to but still didn't seem that bad although we could hear sirens and a lot of traffic including a bus driving up our street. We knew obviously that something had gone down to create a detour. About 3:15 p.m.  i heard a big thump and something was smashed. I looked out to our neighbours yard first and seeing nothing wrong there i looked to our own yard and there it was; a tree was laying there and the bugger had smashed the corner of my greenhouse.


This cute little hardy cyclamen survived nearby but just look at the tree! Doesn't it look like a beaver did that, lol! We hadn't noticed anything wrong with that tree as there's several trees around  it and being well into autumn now a lot of the scenery is naturally drab looking. Well, a lot of trees went down in the lower mainland onto houses and cars and a young boy was killed as he walked in a park with earbuds on listening to music when a tree fell on him. Many homes lost their power but fortunately we didn't. That thump signaled the end of the storm for us and soon afterwards all was quiet and still.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Willy sighting!

My $20.bill has been sighted once again, 6 years after leaving my hands at a lottery ticket kiosk in the mall. I often thought about it and always look for a new one to come into my hands but no more ever did. I received notification of it's whereabouts today. The last finder had written that it was worn out a year ago when sighted in Calgary, Alberta but it continued to travel and see the sights all the way back to Quebec where it started this leg of it's journey. I'm sure it has been to many places not listed and probably bought lots of things along the way. It was nice to hear this and I hope to hear more of it's travels but chances are that this will be the last I hear of my casino win back in 2010.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Lunch with Jen, Hailey and Emily

We met at our usual lunch spot and were lead to our usual booth at the end. Jennifer has lost all the baby fat and she trained and recently ran a half marathon as well. This is a very busy and energetic family although I can't say they got any of that from me.

Hailey takes dance lessons and gymnastics and plays soccer too.

Emily is such a happy, easy-going little girl
and Hailey still loves lemons but I kinda think this one was a little tart. I also eat lots of lemons and maybe she got this from me
Emily prefers peaches
Aren't they the cutest granddaughter and little great grandchildren ever?

Tuesday, February 9, 2016