Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A storm, a tree and a greenhouse meet

Last Friday a storm passed though the Vancouver area; we had been warned for days before hand. It didn't seem like that big of a deal: a little rain, a howling wind and then quiet and i thought it was over. Then sudden strong gusts started and that's the part we were not used to but still didn't seem that bad although we could hear sirens and a lot of traffic including a bus driving up our street. We knew obviously that something had gone down to create a detour. About 3:15 p.m.  i heard a big thump and something was smashed. I looked out to our neighbours yard first and seeing nothing wrong there i looked to our own yard and there it was; a tree was laying there and the bugger had smashed the corner of my greenhouse.


This cute little hardy cyclamen survived nearby but just look at the tree! Doesn't it look like a beaver did that, lol! We hadn't noticed anything wrong with that tree as there's several trees around  it and being well into autumn now a lot of the scenery is naturally drab looking. Well, a lot of trees went down in the lower mainland onto houses and cars and a young boy was killed as he walked in a park with earbuds on listening to music when a tree fell on him. Many homes lost their power but fortunately we didn't. That thump signaled the end of the storm for us and soon afterwards all was quiet and still.


Linda G. said...

You are fortunate that the tree did not land on your house or on you! We have lost lots of trees in our area recently, owing to the tornado several weeks ago and other storms with wind plus disease. Several years ago we had two big trees removed from our backyard. At the time my husband and I thought the tre removals didn't really make that much of a difference in our yard because there were so many trees surrounding us, this is no longer true...looking somewhat naked nowadays!

Snowbrush said...

How sad. I'm so sorry for your damage.

Lorraina said...

Thanks Snowbrush and Linda too for your comments. I still feel a bit of a shock every day when i look out and it's no longer there. I loved that greenhouse so much and it gave me a few years of wonderful service. Then even the walk out to it became too far and eventually it was abandoned. Just the same it hurts you know, like losing an old friend. When the ins.co. gave us our choice of replacement or payout we took the cash and i will now have the opportunity to return to Beijing in the coming year as i have longed to see it one more time. So i have Mr. Greenhouse to thank for that!