Friday, December 30, 2016

Lunch with Jen, Hailey and Emily

It was a miserable cold, windy, dark, rainy day outside but we had a nice warm visit in the very busy but cozy Boston Pizza. Emily has grown so much and is now walking. Hailey has given up gymnastics but still loves her dance lessons just as her mom did. Santa had paid them a visit and Hailey was doing awesome things with her new computer while Emily enjoyed her little fairy tale character dolls and animals and they both did a little colouring on the pages provided by the restaurant. Hailey ordered chicken strips and fries for her lunch and ice cream for desert as she always does while Emily ate Cheerios and other little snacks provided by her mommy. They're all looking forward to their holiday in Mexico during spring break.


Linda G. said...

I enjoy reading your "lunch with" posts. I love seeing the photographs of your grandchildren. I would be excited for spring break in Mexico too! May you all have a wonderful new year!

Lorraina said...

Thanks Linda, I love seeing your granddaughters growing up too. They're so much fun aren't they! I hope Santa was good to Harper and June.
Re Mexico Hailey stated a couple times that she's not sure about going swimming in the ocean but she knows for sure she doesn't want to go into a large pool and hopes they have a small one for her, lol. I think she must have seen pics of those enormous sprawling pools they have there and I guess it didn't appeal to her. Emily is very outgoing and she had a lot of fun playing with the women at the table next to ours. Best wishes to you and Bob and all the family in 2017!