Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal wedding

Did you stay up and watch it?  It really was awesome to experience this, yes i'm a royals watcher. I'm sad that Williams mom didn't get to see her son wed but i think she'd heartily approve of his choice of wife.

It did get a tad long and drawn out; so much praying and violins and choir singing but it goes with the pomp and splendor of the monarchy which charmingly is very much alive in the UK and the Commonwealth.

 The dress was designed by Sarah Burton and the design made quite a statement with chantilly lace and a form fitting bodice with a sort of a loose V neckline, long fitted sleeves and a quite full skirt.
Everyone said it fit Kate to a T, but i thought the bust area could have used 2 little tiny alterations of the cups. It was difficult to get the colour right as it looked sort of silverish, then off white beige, then yellowish. The dress appeared to have a lot of fabric and yet wasn't at all heavy looking. Kate wore the dress comforably, it definitely didn't wear her.  There was a train, no where nearly as long as Diana had but just right; it followed her very smoothly when she walked. It was a little reminescent of Grace Kellys elegant wedding dress and it'll be in style forever.

Kates tiara was made by Cartier for the Queen mother who passed it on the Queen Elizabeth who now  has passed it on to Kate.
Kate looked a little different as her hair was up off her face with long curls down from the back. She looked lovely in her veil and didn't appear to be nervous or shy at all. She carried a smallish bouquet of white flowers with sprigs of myrtle from Queen Victorias plants. Kate is a dignified elegant woman very well suited to become Queen when William becomes King.

William was handsome in his red uniform and Harry as the best man looked pretty skookum too.
Queen Elizabeth wore marigold yellow; a very unusual bright choice for her.She was smiling and joyful throughout the ceremony.

The vows were said and William placed the ring on her finger but she didn't put one on him - he didn't want to have a wedding ring.

Hats of course were a big deal for the female guests. Some were nice but others were a little strange.
Kates mom Carole Middleton wore a pale blue suit that was created by the designer of Dianas wedding dress; Catherine iforgethername. Kates sister Pippa was the maid of honor in a white cowl necked dress that was beautiful in it's simplicity. Tongues are already wagging about Pippa and Prince Harry being a good match.

The Duchess of Cornwall wore Anna Valentine and it was Philip Tracey hats for the Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice.  All the little girl bridesmaids wore dresses very similar to what  Dianas bridesmaids wore.

Prince Charles and Camilla got a lot of applause and i didn't see Princess Anne until she was seated . She looked lovely as well. Spotted the Beckhams in the church and Sir Elton John too. The crowds outside were happy to be there and they cheered for the newlyweds as they rode off in horse drawn carriages to Buckingham Palace for brunch with 600 guests. Later 300 will join the happy couple for a dinner celebration.

I wanted to see the first kiss but it hasn't happened yet unless i missed seeing them appear on the balcony. No matter, i'm sure lots of kissing will be done eventually as this fairy-tale wedding comes to a close for me here a million miles away at 5:30 in the morning!

Sorry no pic,i'm too tired to look for one. You know what they look like anyway.  Goodnite.

Game 1 Round 2

Vancouver Canucks - 1  Nashville Predators  -0

Chris Higgins #20 celebrates his goal with #2 Dan Hamuis.

Assist was by Maxim Lapierre. Chris and Maxim are both ex Habs.

Nashville is a nice town, their players play nicely and it was a nice, easy to watch stress free game.

Heres a nice pic of Lu wearing his nice mask making a nice catch

Alex Burrows note of interest, after all this is a girly sort of blog - Our hero from game 7 Alex and his wife proudly welcomed a healthy baby girl named Victoria who weighed in @ 5lbs.

And Happy birthday to my mom, may you forever rest in peace.

Looking forward to another nice game on Saturday (if i survive a nice royal wedding today)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Canucks- 2 Chicago- 1

What a game! Alex Burrows made it so exciting.  I think this was one of the the most dramatic games in the Canucks history and it was Alex all the way.  Alex started it with the first goal and finished it with the tie breaker and winning goal in sudden death overtime.
He also got a penalty shot which he missed and an "OMG!"  penalty in OT
Chicago played an awesome game and they can go home proud.
This is what we live for.

Thanks for the good vibes everyone; i know that's what did it.

Oh, btw, now i'm sorry for what i said about Luongos ugly "hat"   It's now his lucky charm ; )

Next up - Nashville at Vancouver Canucks probably Thursday night.


Game 7 here tonight. It’s win or go home for Canucks and Blackhawks

What, me worry? It’s only the most important game of the Canucks life.

The Western Conference quarterfinal, as you may be aware,has already taken on epic dimensions and featured more twists and turns than a slalom course.
The Canucks with a 3 - 0 lead seemed bulletproof but then in no particular order Raffi Torres planted Brent Seabrook giving the Blackhawks a cause.
Luongo sprung a leak while his teammates went wandering off giving the Canucks fans a big headache. And that doesn’t even begin to cover the horrible details of game 6.

And now here we are: faceoff on home ice between the Presidents Trophy winner and the reigning Stanley Cup champions and my thought is that we should play like we did in game 6.  What the heck.

The Canucks worked so hard to get to this point while Chicago just sorta breezed in on a lucky star. And while it’s a known fact  the twins and Luongo have a tendency to choke at the most inopportune times they will have to break out of this habit right now! It’s probably the Canucks last chance for 5 to10 years or more before we’ll ever get here again….no pressure but c,mon, I might not live long enough to see it.

Alain Vigneault has been the most successful Canuck coach in our history.
If we lose this game he’ll be gone and the thought is unbearable. It’s even harder for him as he’s going to have to take our team to the final four to keep his job.
The rest of us are just concentrating on this one game for now; it’s do or die.

Kevin Bieksa, Sami Salo and Christian Ehrhoff will be free agents after this and no doubt gone as we won’t have the $ to keep them.
And to top it all off if we don’t get this game tonight what will happen to Lu? We have him under contract for the next millinium for $5.3 million….love ya Luey but you know your paycheque is going to be a millstone around our neck preventing us from signing any potential new stars. Think about it.
Try wearing your nice mask instead of that butt ugly grungy thing that looks like it’s been rattling around in a dirty old ditch for a few years. I am so embarrassed by that ugly ol' thing.  This occasion warrants the good hat!

We didn’t come into this series as hopefuls; we were the favourites with all our core players in their prime. Chicago and Luongo have a known history but all that must be pushed aside.

We can handle anything that comes after Chicago, no problem, no whining and crying about the rest of the games. We can and will play great and the fans of Vancouver and B.C. and Canada and sprinklings of fans in the Ukraine, the U.S., Australia and all over the place will cheer our team on always with great excitement and the never ending love we have for our Canucks.

Oh, and the people who took their Canucks flags off their cars after the last game will likely have put them on again by now for tonights game, less than 3 hours away.  This particular game is so very important and every flag counts.

If we lose, which I havent even thought about; the police will be out and about in Vancouver tonight. Some fans are so immature but most of us just go into deep mourning, but really; I’m not planning ahead…..

No pressure but dammit, you Nucks better get it!

Repeat along with me:

Please send positive energy to the Canucks. Just visualize what i want.
Don’t picture fantastic goals by the Sedin twins or a slipup by the Chicago goalie. You need to cross your fingers, close your eyes and count down slowly from 7 to 1. Then visualize a small screen in front of you and the game is over, the Canucks won and the crowds are cheering. They felt your vibes, yayyyy!
Thank you very much!  
and thanks Jaypiddy for the use of your artwork, which i changed a little but still messed up by leaving "gold" instead of Stanley.

Three hours to go and i'm already a mess.......

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Canucks are in the playoffs!

The stars are aligned. Montreal and Calgary staged the Olympics in 1976 and 1988 and then respectively won the Stanley Cup the following years. So it only stands to reason that Vancouver will follow in 2011, right?

The road to the Stanley Cup is a long journey filled with potholes but we know we’ll be there after last nights 3-2 win in OT against the Calgary Flames. It also secured the Art Ross Trophy for Daniel Sedin and the Jennings Trophy for Roberto Luongo and Cory Schneider.

But the Canucks must wait until later today to see who they'll face in the opening round. Right now, it could be Los Angeles, Anaheim, Chicago or Dallas finishing as the eighth seed.

Was there any doubt we would in the playoffs? Nah, don’t think so. Our team has had a great season, amazing really! We are an amazing team! My fav. hockey playing male twins Daniel and Henrik Sedin have made the game so exciting for me. (I say male twins because my own fav. hockey playing twins are female)

Daniel and Henrik know where each other is going to be at all times and their timing with the puck is second to none. I havent been this excited since Pavel Bure, the Russian rocket was on our team and I named my cat after him.

The 6 month grind is over. We’re in the playoffs!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Celebrity Apprentice money money money!

I see dust bunnies rolling around on my blog  so thought I better get with.  So today I thought I’d write my take on last nights episode of Celebrity Apprentice. Some of you know I’m a big reality show fan and this show is one of my many favourites.

The theme was art and each team had to shop for their art supplies and then create art to sell. So off they went to Michaels where they loaded up with some of the strangest supplies, most of which they didn’t use and that of which they did wasn’t what anyone could say was the best of stuff.

Then, far be it for any celebrity to ask anyone anything; the project managers didn’t even ask their team members if anyone knew anything about painting nor did they enlist the help of a salesperson although of course it might have been edited out but i think not - people think they can do everything without help. I noticed they chose relatively inexpensive paints and although I really thought that was a big blunder it turned out it wouldn't have made any difference in the final outcome anyhow because it all boiled down to simply the celebrity of the artists.

Well, ok, the wealthy ones and/or the celebrities with the richest family, friends and connections. They could have painted with jello and still sold their artworks for mega bucks.  Seems wrong somehow, but guess I’m just jealous.

So they painted their pictures of buffalo or whatever it was and other things like hats, cowboy boots and a guitar and t-shirt, set up their galleries and proceeded to rake in the money.


The mens team Backbone raised almost $627,000. for St. Judes Hospital and the womens team ASAP raised $986,000. for their leader Marlee Matlins charity of an organization that provides free hearing aids to deaf children. The Donald then antied up a few bucks to make the womens team total a cool million. Wowzers!

Some of the stuff they sold besides their beautiful paintings were a Gibson guitar for $470,000. And I think they got $99,000. for Rich’s painted boots.
LaToya donated a rare t-shirt that would have been sold at brother Michaels This is It  concert which brought in $99,000. LaToya also won the best decorated hat contest and got an additional $20,000. for her charity which was a fund for the cure of Aids. BTW, the $99,000. thing is because rich peoples credit cards have a limit too. Well, it's 70,000 more than mine but wth.

Would you believe a grand total of one million, six hundred thousand?  Dollars.   Yes!

This sum was the most money ever raised in the history of the Apprentice show. They raised more money on one task than in some entire seasons!

Honestly, it’s incredible some of the things people have had to do on other tasks for a paltry little 20,000!  

Mr.T then asked the womens team if they’d like him to fire someone from the mens team. This is not the usual practice for him; he fires whoever he feels like and his choice is usually right on (except for the time Joan Rivers won)  But since Jose Canseco had to leave the show because his dad was very ill the men were down one member already.

Silly me; I thought the women would say nah, lets not fire anyone….

But what do I know;  girls are wise and stronger than I thought.
The women; basically Marlee as the task leader but all agreed with her to have Mr.Trump fire one of the men. This was justified because the womens team had lost the three previous weeks and were down to 5 against the mens 6.   And this is business!

The boardroom discussion followed and some wanted Gary Busey fired but as Richard Hatch (winner of the first Survivor) was the weakest player and raised the least or no money the Donald fired him. In a way even though I don’t like Richard much I thought that was unfair because I didn’t think he was as much of a celebrity as the others. However, Donald said he was equally as big and famous as the rest with influential connections. Can’t argue against Mr. Trump but i think some of Riches connections are in the big house.

So next week an even playing field with LaToya, Nene Leakes, Star Jones, Marlee Matlin and Hope Dworsomething
against Meatloaf, Gary Busey, Lil Jon, Mark McGrath and John Rich

I’d like to see Star drift off into the galaxy asap and John Rich can go with her too. Then it’s gonna get interesting….but since i'm a lousey predictor these two will probably be the last ones standing.
I can hardly wait to see it all happen.