Monday, April 4, 2011

Celebrity Apprentice money money money!

I see dust bunnies rolling around on my blog  so thought I better get with.  So today I thought I’d write my take on last nights episode of Celebrity Apprentice. Some of you know I’m a big reality show fan and this show is one of my many favourites.

The theme was art and each team had to shop for their art supplies and then create art to sell. So off they went to Michaels where they loaded up with some of the strangest supplies, most of which they didn’t use and that of which they did wasn’t what anyone could say was the best of stuff.

Then, far be it for any celebrity to ask anyone anything; the project managers didn’t even ask their team members if anyone knew anything about painting nor did they enlist the help of a salesperson although of course it might have been edited out but i think not - people think they can do everything without help. I noticed they chose relatively inexpensive paints and although I really thought that was a big blunder it turned out it wouldn't have made any difference in the final outcome anyhow because it all boiled down to simply the celebrity of the artists.

Well, ok, the wealthy ones and/or the celebrities with the richest family, friends and connections. They could have painted with jello and still sold their artworks for mega bucks.  Seems wrong somehow, but guess I’m just jealous.

So they painted their pictures of buffalo or whatever it was and other things like hats, cowboy boots and a guitar and t-shirt, set up their galleries and proceeded to rake in the money.


The mens team Backbone raised almost $627,000. for St. Judes Hospital and the womens team ASAP raised $986,000. for their leader Marlee Matlins charity of an organization that provides free hearing aids to deaf children. The Donald then antied up a few bucks to make the womens team total a cool million. Wowzers!

Some of the stuff they sold besides their beautiful paintings were a Gibson guitar for $470,000. And I think they got $99,000. for Rich’s painted boots.
LaToya donated a rare t-shirt that would have been sold at brother Michaels This is It  concert which brought in $99,000. LaToya also won the best decorated hat contest and got an additional $20,000. for her charity which was a fund for the cure of Aids. BTW, the $99,000. thing is because rich peoples credit cards have a limit too. Well, it's 70,000 more than mine but wth.

Would you believe a grand total of one million, six hundred thousand?  Dollars.   Yes!

This sum was the most money ever raised in the history of the Apprentice show. They raised more money on one task than in some entire seasons!

Honestly, it’s incredible some of the things people have had to do on other tasks for a paltry little 20,000!  

Mr.T then asked the womens team if they’d like him to fire someone from the mens team. This is not the usual practice for him; he fires whoever he feels like and his choice is usually right on (except for the time Joan Rivers won)  But since Jose Canseco had to leave the show because his dad was very ill the men were down one member already.

Silly me; I thought the women would say nah, lets not fire anyone….

But what do I know;  girls are wise and stronger than I thought.
The women; basically Marlee as the task leader but all agreed with her to have Mr.Trump fire one of the men. This was justified because the womens team had lost the three previous weeks and were down to 5 against the mens 6.   And this is business!

The boardroom discussion followed and some wanted Gary Busey fired but as Richard Hatch (winner of the first Survivor) was the weakest player and raised the least or no money the Donald fired him. In a way even though I don’t like Richard much I thought that was unfair because I didn’t think he was as much of a celebrity as the others. However, Donald said he was equally as big and famous as the rest with influential connections. Can’t argue against Mr. Trump but i think some of Riches connections are in the big house.

So next week an even playing field with LaToya, Nene Leakes, Star Jones, Marlee Matlin and Hope Dworsomething
against Meatloaf, Gary Busey, Lil Jon, Mark McGrath and John Rich

I’d like to see Star drift off into the galaxy asap and John Rich can go with her too. Then it’s gonna get interesting….but since i'm a lousey predictor these two will probably be the last ones standing.
I can hardly wait to see it all happen.


A Plain Observer said...

you see, that's the thing with reality, I am not sure it is so real and not staged. Like that guy in the kitchen cursing the living lights out of all the cooks. I dont know...can't get into it.
So Joan Rivers was on the show? I love her!

Lorraina said...

I think it was about 2 yrs ago that Joan Rivers and her daughter Melissa were on the show...gee you missed a great show; they were both so unlikable always thinking there was a conspiracy against them, Melissa esp was really insecure.
But when Joan said Annie Duke was "just a poker player" and "poker players are trash and Natzi's" and stuff like that....well, that took the cake for me cuz i like Annie, she's a good person and hey,i'm a poker player! lol!

Joan won that season; think she brought the ratings up. My brother was just one of many irate fans who swore off on ever watching it again because he felt that Joan being the winner was stupid or pre-planned but it was still good entertainment. You should tune in Sunday night; it's a fun show easy to get into and addictive.

Ikwym about that ugly chef show cuz i don't like him and his filthy mouth and temper tantrums either.I don't know why his treatment of the chefs on the show is justified; it's just plain wrong but i imagine theres lots of people who like seeing stuff like that.