Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal wedding

Did you stay up and watch it?  It really was awesome to experience this, yes i'm a royals watcher. I'm sad that Williams mom didn't get to see her son wed but i think she'd heartily approve of his choice of wife.

It did get a tad long and drawn out; so much praying and violins and choir singing but it goes with the pomp and splendor of the monarchy which charmingly is very much alive in the UK and the Commonwealth.

 The dress was designed by Sarah Burton and the design made quite a statement with chantilly lace and a form fitting bodice with a sort of a loose V neckline, long fitted sleeves and a quite full skirt.
Everyone said it fit Kate to a T, but i thought the bust area could have used 2 little tiny alterations of the cups. It was difficult to get the colour right as it looked sort of silverish, then off white beige, then yellowish. The dress appeared to have a lot of fabric and yet wasn't at all heavy looking. Kate wore the dress comforably, it definitely didn't wear her.  There was a train, no where nearly as long as Diana had but just right; it followed her very smoothly when she walked. It was a little reminescent of Grace Kellys elegant wedding dress and it'll be in style forever.

Kates tiara was made by Cartier for the Queen mother who passed it on the Queen Elizabeth who now  has passed it on to Kate.
Kate looked a little different as her hair was up off her face with long curls down from the back. She looked lovely in her veil and didn't appear to be nervous or shy at all. She carried a smallish bouquet of white flowers with sprigs of myrtle from Queen Victorias plants. Kate is a dignified elegant woman very well suited to become Queen when William becomes King.

William was handsome in his red uniform and Harry as the best man looked pretty skookum too.
Queen Elizabeth wore marigold yellow; a very unusual bright choice for her.She was smiling and joyful throughout the ceremony.

The vows were said and William placed the ring on her finger but she didn't put one on him - he didn't want to have a wedding ring.

Hats of course were a big deal for the female guests. Some were nice but others were a little strange.
Kates mom Carole Middleton wore a pale blue suit that was created by the designer of Dianas wedding dress; Catherine iforgethername. Kates sister Pippa was the maid of honor in a white cowl necked dress that was beautiful in it's simplicity. Tongues are already wagging about Pippa and Prince Harry being a good match.

The Duchess of Cornwall wore Anna Valentine and it was Philip Tracey hats for the Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice.  All the little girl bridesmaids wore dresses very similar to what  Dianas bridesmaids wore.

Prince Charles and Camilla got a lot of applause and i didn't see Princess Anne until she was seated . She looked lovely as well. Spotted the Beckhams in the church and Sir Elton John too. The crowds outside were happy to be there and they cheered for the newlyweds as they rode off in horse drawn carriages to Buckingham Palace for brunch with 600 guests. Later 300 will join the happy couple for a dinner celebration.

I wanted to see the first kiss but it hasn't happened yet unless i missed seeing them appear on the balcony. No matter, i'm sure lots of kissing will be done eventually as this fairy-tale wedding comes to a close for me here a million miles away at 5:30 in the morning!

Sorry no pic,i'm too tired to look for one. You know what they look like anyway.  Goodnite.


A Plain Observer said...

no, I did not stay up and watched it nor woke up early to watch it. And I feel so lost when it comes to fashion that I couldn't tell if her dress was the original or a copy.
Now, about Queen Elizabeth, when they say Long live the King (Queen) she took that seriously!

Lorraina said...

Yes, QE does take it seriously, she's 85 yrs old now. Her mom, the Queen mother was 101 when she died in 2002 so guess it's those good royal genes.
I'm old enough that i remember getting the day off school when her dad King George V1 died and Elizabeth became Queen at age 25