Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Game 7 here tonight. It’s win or go home for Canucks and Blackhawks

What, me worry? It’s only the most important game of the Canucks life.

The Western Conference quarterfinal, as you may be aware,has already taken on epic dimensions and featured more twists and turns than a slalom course.
The Canucks with a 3 - 0 lead seemed bulletproof but then in no particular order Raffi Torres planted Brent Seabrook giving the Blackhawks a cause.
Luongo sprung a leak while his teammates went wandering off giving the Canucks fans a big headache. And that doesn’t even begin to cover the horrible details of game 6.

And now here we are: faceoff on home ice between the Presidents Trophy winner and the reigning Stanley Cup champions and my thought is that we should play like we did in game 6.  What the heck.

The Canucks worked so hard to get to this point while Chicago just sorta breezed in on a lucky star. And while it’s a known fact  the twins and Luongo have a tendency to choke at the most inopportune times they will have to break out of this habit right now! It’s probably the Canucks last chance for 5 to10 years or more before we’ll ever get here again….no pressure but c,mon, I might not live long enough to see it.

Alain Vigneault has been the most successful Canuck coach in our history.
If we lose this game he’ll be gone and the thought is unbearable. It’s even harder for him as he’s going to have to take our team to the final four to keep his job.
The rest of us are just concentrating on this one game for now; it’s do or die.

Kevin Bieksa, Sami Salo and Christian Ehrhoff will be free agents after this and no doubt gone as we won’t have the $ to keep them.
And to top it all off if we don’t get this game tonight what will happen to Lu? We have him under contract for the next millinium for $5.3 million….love ya Luey but you know your paycheque is going to be a millstone around our neck preventing us from signing any potential new stars. Think about it.
Try wearing your nice mask instead of that butt ugly grungy thing that looks like it’s been rattling around in a dirty old ditch for a few years. I am so embarrassed by that ugly ol' thing.  This occasion warrants the good hat!

We didn’t come into this series as hopefuls; we were the favourites with all our core players in their prime. Chicago and Luongo have a known history but all that must be pushed aside.

We can handle anything that comes after Chicago, no problem, no whining and crying about the rest of the games. We can and will play great and the fans of Vancouver and B.C. and Canada and sprinklings of fans in the Ukraine, the U.S., Australia and all over the place will cheer our team on always with great excitement and the never ending love we have for our Canucks.

Oh, and the people who took their Canucks flags off their cars after the last game will likely have put them on again by now for tonights game, less than 3 hours away.  This particular game is so very important and every flag counts.

If we lose, which I havent even thought about; the police will be out and about in Vancouver tonight. Some fans are so immature but most of us just go into deep mourning, but really; I’m not planning ahead…..

No pressure but dammit, you Nucks better get it!

Repeat along with me:

Please send positive energy to the Canucks. Just visualize what i want.
Don’t picture fantastic goals by the Sedin twins or a slipup by the Chicago goalie. You need to cross your fingers, close your eyes and count down slowly from 7 to 1. Then visualize a small screen in front of you and the game is over, the Canucks won and the crowds are cheering. They felt your vibes, yayyyy!
Thank you very much!  
and thanks Jaypiddy for the use of your artwork, which i changed a little but still messed up by leaving "gold" instead of Stanley.

Three hours to go and i'm already a mess.......


Bunnym said...

Ducks are out....so good luck...



blogger said...

What an amazing game. Congrats to the Canucks!

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Lorraina said...

Bunny so sorry about the Ducks. Thanks for cheering for us; it worked!


Just_Because_Today; ya it can be. Guess i'm hardened to it, watching it all my life. These guys are tough and they must find it worthwhile,just like the fans who live for it, the players live to play the game.
Hope it wasn't just the pic that scared you - it's photoshopped.......
Thanks for sending your good vibes; it worked!


Thanks Blogger; yes it was! Congrats to you too!