Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Canucks- 2 Chicago- 1

What a game! Alex Burrows made it so exciting.  I think this was one of the the most dramatic games in the Canucks history and it was Alex all the way.  Alex started it with the first goal and finished it with the tie breaker and winning goal in sudden death overtime.
He also got a penalty shot which he missed and an "OMG!"  penalty in OT
Chicago played an awesome game and they can go home proud.
This is what we live for.

Thanks for the good vibes everyone; i know that's what did it.

Oh, btw, now i'm sorry for what i said about Luongos ugly "hat"   It's now his lucky charm ; )

Next up - Nashville at Vancouver Canucks probably Thursday night.


The Blog Fodder said...

Good for the Canucks. I am a long way away so am not sure of the line up. the Habs won. any chance of a Habs Canucks Stanley Cup?

Lorraina said...

Sorry to tell you Fodder, Habs/Boston game just over and Boston won in OT 4-3